DWC company formation
DWC company formation

DWC company formation or Dubai South Free Zone; is one of the strategic business center in Dubai. Today, the Dubai South Free Zone (prev. Dubai World Central Free Zone) is the biggest and most important worldwide trade, business as well as aviation heart. The DWC (Dubai World Central) was rename to Dubai South; that is not very long ago and to reproduce the strategic location of the free zone.

The DWC is place on 140 square kilo meters of multi purpose area; right after that to the Jebel Ali Sea Port. The Dubai South Free Zone head quarter is closely place to Al Maktoum International Airport; Logistics District, Aviation District, Business Park, Commercial District; also Residential District, Exhibition District, Golf District and Humanitarian District. The Dubai South Free Zone international airport is deliberately place to provide suitable logistics; and shipment just about the GCC, Middle East as well as the whole world.

DWC company formation

The Dubai South Free Zone (prev. Dubai World Central) serves as the strategic display place in the UAE for expansion of logistics; light industry, aviation as well as subsidiary service businesses. The Dubai South Free Zone logo serves as a reminder of the vision of the Government of Dubai; in making the Dubai South free zone as a residential city a center of commerce!

If you are searching to start a DWC company formation or Dubai South Free Zone company formation; then you are on the right place to get help. Our consultant will help you to get your company registration in Dubai South Free Zone in the best possible way. As Al Maktoum Airport seems to become the biggest airport in the world for traveler and cargo capacity by 2022; and Dubai South become the host of the World Expo 2020; it is harmless to say; that now this is the ideal time to make an investment in the Dubai South Free Zone.

Simple steps for DWC company formation

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At this step we will submit application for DWC company formation; along with three likely company names; personal information and passports copies of the shareholder as well as manager of the company. The approval of the application is projected to take 7 to 10 days. The presence of the customer is not essential during the DWC company formation; process however signed documents must be sent to us in original form.

Smart Desk

After getting approval of the application the DWC establishment will issue the contract for the Smart Desk office; that is necessary to be signed by the shareholder or manager of the company. The original signed contract must be sent to us to be submitted to the DWC authorities.

DWC company formation and licensing

After the submission of the Smart Desk contract; the DWC official will issue the certificate of incorporation also MOA; share certificate as well as company license.

Establishment card

The establishment card will be issue in seven to ten days after the company setup. The establishment card will permit the company to apply for the residence visas for the shareholder; manager as well as employees of the company.

Corporate bank account

Now once you get your license; you can then you can start the process for a corporate bank account. The presence of the share holder or bank signatory in Dubai is compulsory; that is for at least one day to sign the bank forms

Requirements for company formation in Dubai South

For DWC company formation you will register as a Free Zone Enterprise and hold a Dubai south business license.  Every company, partnership and association or individual may apply for the registration of a Free Zone Enterprise at DWC.

First step is to acquire an Initial approval from free zone department for primary approval. After approval one should proceed for registration as well as set up process. Application review time is around 15 working days. Applicants only to let out office space not requested to submit a business plan. Dubai south or DWC Company Registrar is an individual in charge for the registration as well as licensing dealings. The application should be submitted along with the non-refundable fee as specified by authority.

After the approval of application for a FZE; and paid all the fee the Company Registrar will issue the following:

For a LLC DWC company formation

  • Incorporation certificate
  • All shareholder gets Individual share certificates
  • Memorandum of Association of company
  • Articles of Incorporation of company

For Branch

  • Registration certificate will be issue

Types of trade license:

There are diverse types of trade licenses available in DWC depending on your business activity:

  • General trading license: AED 20,000 per year
  • Trading license: AED 10,000 per year
  • Service license: AED 10,000 per year
  • Logistic license: AED 10,000 per year
  • Industrial license: AED 10,000 per year
  • Educational license: AED 10,000 per year

General charges:

  • Establishment card: AED 1,000 per year
  • Employee visa: AED 1,800 per visa excluding cost of medical test.

Company formation in Dubai South

One can open the following types of company formation in Dubai South free zone:

LLC company formation Dubai South

  • It is an entity with its own legal nature
  • Liability of share holders are limited to the value of the share capital they hold.
  • A Dubai South LLC should have Shareholders, Directors, Company Secretary as well as a General Manager
  • The lowest amount of capital requirement for Dubai-LLC’s is AED 300,000 as well as share value is AED 1.

A Branch of an Overseas Company or a Branch of a UAE Registered Company

  • A branch is an agent office of an accessible legal entity outside the Dubai South Free Zone
  • It does not have board of directors or a company secretary.
  • A branch will also have a general manager who is accountable for business activities
  • Branch’s name should end with the designation [Branch]
  • Name of the branch is same as the name of its parent company

Lease options for company formation in dwc dubai

Dubai free zone Company formation offers different types of lease options; that is for both the Dubai Logistics City and Aviation City parts of the Dubai south Free Zone. There are office space and land leases as well as warehouse leases. The lease agreement will be issue to the client upon the approval of the application; and finalization of registration, settlement of all charges and issuing of license.

Benefits of company set up in Dubai South

  • Company formation in Dubai South will give you a benefits of 100% tax free.
  • Company formation in Dubai South will also give you 100% foreign ownership
  • A zero per cent corporate tax, in order to form a company.
  • It will give you option to select from high quality commercial buildings
  • Also it will offer you flexible commercial leases
  • It gives you options for free zone or non-bonded zone licenses for business formation
  • Company set up at very competitive rates
  • Dubai Company formation will give you trouble free access to Al Maktoum Air port
  • Company formation in Dubai south free zone will also give you a benefits of space and services; that is for companies to operate efficiently.

License options for company set up in DWC Dubai

First of all in the first place, there are different types of licenses option available; that is for business set up within DLC or Aviation City. License is valid up to a period of one year and are renewable.

Logistics License

It is for logistics services such as storage, inventory management, distribution as well as transportation; order management, forwarding, sorting as well as clearing. This type of a license will allow you to handle goods within the UAE; but not allowable to sell them within the UAE.

Industrial License

It is for light manufacturing such as blending, purifying, mixing, repacking, wrapping and assembling goods using noiseless machinery or laborers.

Trading License

Trading license is for distributing as well as storage of products, importing; exporting as well as selling that are specified in the license. The selling of finish products is allow within the UAE only through a license local distributor or agent.

Service License

Under service license you are allow for activities; like training, catering, consulting, human resources as well as insurance.

Education License

It is for the education and educational consultancy as well as social services.