Fujairah business setup

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Fujairah business setup

Fujairah business setup, business setup in Fujairah

Fujairah is located along the Gulf of Oman. It is the less populated state of UAE. It has a coastline of more than 90 kms. The area of this Emirate is 1165 square kilometer. Fujairah has a sea port & an airport. This makes Fujairah a hot place for import as well as export business. Fujairah business setup got popularity because of the increasing living cost of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  Fujairah offers plenty of business opportunity in the region. The Fujairah is known for their cloudless skies, clear blue water friendly palm trees and white beaches. Altogether, it is a major attraction for tourists every year.

Fujairah business setup

There are two main areas where we can go for Fujairah business setup. One is mainland area and the other is free trade zone. For mainland Fujairah business setup we need a local sponsor or a local service agent. While in Fujairah free zone expat can hold 100% share of his business.

  • Mainland Fujairah business setup
  • Fujairah free zone business setup

Business setup in Fujairah Mainland

Business setup in Fujairah Mainland requires at least 2 partners and maximum of 50 partners. First of all in the first place, let me tell you one thing; or you can say one basic point about business setup in Fujairah. That is Fujairah business setup needs at least one local partner. That is, Local partner will hold minimum of 51% of share in the business. And an expat partner can hold maximum of 49% of share in Fujairah business setup. In Fujairah local market (Mainland) an expat can carry on any type of business except; that is banking, an investment as well as insurance.

Type of business setup in Fujairah Mainland

  1. General Partnership Company
  2. Limited Partnership
  3. Public Shareholding Company (PJSC)
  4. Private Shareholding Company
  5. Limited Liability Company
  6. Joint Venture
  7. Professional Companies
  8. Sole Proprietorship Firm to practice a profession
  9. Appointing a Commercial Agent (Exclusive Distributor)

Advantages of Fujairah business setup

  • Fujairah business setup has no currency restrictions
  • Also in business setup Fujairah you can drive your company from any part of Fujairah
  • Business setup Fujairah has no yearly auditing mandatory
  • 100% repatriation of capital as well as profits
  • Business setup in Fujairah also has flexibility to rent office anywhere
  • Allow to conduct business in Fujairah local market
  • It requires 0 capitals. I think this is the main point in order to setup business in Fujairah.
  • Business setup Fujairah has 100% tax free.
  • Fujairah mainland business setup has simple set up process.
  • Business setup in Fujairah has no limits to get employment visas. Due to this expat love about Fujairah mainland business setup.
  • Only practical option for many types of business.

Business setup in Fujairah free zones

Fujairah is equipped with two main free zones to setup business in UAE. One is Fujairah free zone; and the second one is Fujairah creative city free zone.

Business setup in Fujairah free zone

First of all in the first place, Fujairah Free Zone is next to the Port of Fujairah. Business setup in Fujairah free zone also have easy access to all Arabian Gulf ports, the Red Sea; as well as India, Iran and Pakistan on weekly feeder vessels. Fujairah Free Zone is also close to Fujairah Airport which the only airport is serving the UAE East Coast as well as Oman. Due to its geographic location; it has access to the world major shipping routes, a fine port as well as access to airport. But the most important thing is that it has streamlined procedures; which also make Fujairah Free Zone is an ideal place for business.

Type of Ownership in Fujairah free zone

  • Free Zone Company (FZC) – it has minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 partners.
  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE) it has only one owner.
  • Branch of UAE company or Branch of a foreign company

Business Licenses for Fujairah free zone

Expat shareholders can obtain up to 100% ownership of his business. It has the following categories according to their lease agreement with the authority:

  • Consultancy/Services License
  • Trading & General Trading License
  • Manufacturing License
  • Warehousing License

Fujairah free zone license cost

Packages Fee in Dollar Fee in AED
General Trading License Fee 2,725 10,000
One Trading License fee 681 2,500
Two Trading License fee 1,362 5,000
Trading Chemicals License Fees 5,450 20,000
Registration fee 1,444 5,300
Free Zone Utilities 136 500
P.O Box 272 1,000
Flexi Office 2,725 10,000

Business setup in Creative City free zone / Fujairah media free zone

Creative City free zone has been start in 2007, Creative City free zone attract clients with reliable services as well as with successful business environment. FCC free zone is also offers services related to media field; to give a competitive zone that is, to media city Dubai.  FCC free zone provide professional environment for businesses working in a wide range of business fields including media; events, consulting, as well as education; communication as well as marketing, music as well as entertainment; design as well as technology.

Business Activity for Fujairah Creative City free zone 

  • Advertising
  • Architecture & Technology
  • Audio & Visual
  • Broadcasting
  • Business & Communications
  • e-Commerce
  • Consultancy
  • Photography
  • Design

Creative city Fujairah cost

Packages Features Fee in AED
Baby Business – Service License


Hot Desk for 1 year, Name approval charges, Immigration Card, also allow 6 visas. 30,000
Service License


Hot Desk for a 1 year; Name approval, Immigration Card, also allow 3 visas 25,000
Freelancer Company – Service License License fee for 1 year, Name approval, also visas Not Allowed 14,000
E-OFFICE – Commercial & Service License


Hot Desk 1 year, Name approval, also allow 2 visas 20,500
E-OFFICE General Trading License


Hot Desk 1 year, Name approval, also allow 3 visas 27,500

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Setup Free Zone Company for Free!

Only Government fee applicable

Consultancy License with 01 Visa = 16,500
Consultancy License with 03 Visa = 20,500
Consultancy License with 06 Visa = 25,000

Trading License with 01 Visa = 19,500
Trading License with 03 Visa = 23,500
Trading License with 06 Visa = 28,500

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