Interior design license Dubai

Last updated on December 27, 2021

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Interior design license Dubai

With the rising GCC economy; there will be sufficient opportunities for interior design license Dubai in main land market. Further thus, because educated people understand about design; and also know what interior designers do as well as what is the role of architects. If you are searching to start up your interior design license Dubai; go for it! It is a good time to setup an interior design business in Dubai; because it is look forward to host Expo 2020. Business set up in an overseas land is not a trouble free task; it requires having some basic business knowledge.

It will not be wrong to say that there will be a good development; that is in the design industry in Dubai in the upcoming years. This is because the commercial sector is flourishing and there has been a sharp increase; that is in both retail as well as residential projects in the country.

A report from INDEX, the Middle East & North Africa’s biggest design community; outlines that the GCC Interiors & furnish market is presently valued at US$9.04 bn as well as represents a development of 4.42%. The largely value of the construction projects in the GCC were touted to be at $76.94 bn previous year. About 16% of value of all construction projects is exhausted on interior design and furnishings therefore; such industry could be a very profitable option for people thinking of incoming the market; or planning to form an interior design business in Dubai.

Interior design license Dubai

Even upcoming year seems promising for such a sector; because the high ever budget has been approve by Dubai government; because it push spending on Expo 2020; that is a worldwide exposition that search out  about 180 countries; together with international visitors of over 25 million.

Additionally, from 2018, VAT or value added tax is also become compulsory in the markets in GCC; that will bring in a least amount of $20 billion to the gov’t incomes; all the way through the Arabian Gulf that will more speed up the growth.

A lot of businesses use events to go into the market; so that to meet and network with thousands of exhibitors from across the world.

How to open interior design business in Dubai

To open an interior design business in Dubai, you can also consider a free zone unit or a main land. Both options vary in terms of the limitations as well as the advantages.

In case of free trade zones; all the company in the field of design is known as ‘Interior Design Consultancy’; and the activities which are allows include creating plans as well as drawings; or detailed designs as well as land escaping for any residential and commercial or retail buildings and offices. The two most well like free zones in Dubai; are Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA) Free Zone and the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA).

DCCA Free Zone offers a choice for consultancy Interior Design license Dubai; and also Interior Designer permits for public who are freelance consultants; specializing into furnishings as well as designing architectural interiors.

If you are looking to set up a business in the Dubai free zone; you can only carry out your work within that particular free trade zone; with other allowable free zones and or abroad. Hence, the staff you hires can work only in a free zone; and are not allow to work outside the premises; nor the organization, to acquire any work with customers outside the free trade zone.

However, the Interior Design Consultancy license does not offer you to get the customs code for importing equipment; or other interior products that are a part of the project. Therefore, it is sensible to appoint some local distributor for it.

Please note that all design consultants or companies thinking to start its work in the UAE; is require a professional license and Approval of DM; along with correct and relevant degree as well as experience in this sector.

Where to Set up an Interior decoration company in Dubai?

For an interior design company in Dubai; you have two options which is Dubai Design District free zone; or main land Dubai.

Dubai Design District Free Zone

Dubai Design District (D3) was start to promote the interior sector. It has been providing plenty incentives and presenting to strengthen young minds in the field of interior designing. So, one should think of Dubai Design District to make as well as show case; their professional interior designing skills in Dubai. One can establish a branch of UAE or an overseas company, Freelancing and Free Zone Limited Liability Company in D3.

Dubai free zone company setup consists of various procedures and submission of certain documents. The detailed company development procedures in Dubai Design District are as under:

Procedure to Set Up a Company in Dubai Design District

Stage 1: Applying for Initial Approval

In this point, you require to contact the Business Development Team at free zone and submit the application for opening approval. At this stage, you call for to submit important documents that will be reviewed by the authority. The compulsory documents are:

  • Application for license
  • comprehensive business plan
  • Original No Objection Certificate for the company (in case the proposed company name is already registered in Dubai)
  • Passport photo copies of shareholders and directors as well as managers
  • Incorporation certificate copy or trade license copy
Stage 2: Company Registration

In this stage, you have to decide the business site in D3 free zone. The authority will check the legal documents and will issue a Customer Confirmation Letter pertaining to the leasing of the office space in the zone. The mandatory documents are listed as under:

  • Application form for company registration
  • Attested as well as notarized Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Post-dated checks
  • Notarized copy of the certificate of incorporation
  • RIC form
  • Board resolution
  • No Objection Certificate from the present sponsor for the Manager-in-charge (if applicable)

Stage 3: Signing of Lease Document, Personnel Sponsorship, and License Collection

Stage 4: Customer Confirmation Letter Collection and Fee Payment

Interior design license Dubai Main land

Interior design license Dubai Main land allows you to open your office any where in Dubai. So apart from free zone, you can also set up your interior design business in Dubai Main land; that is to extend your business all over the region. So, anyone how wants to setup this kind of a company and have a degree; they can go through the following steps so that to get the license. Company setup in Dubai

How to get an Interior design license Dubai main land

  1. Find a local sponsor for your firm.
  2. File application for trade name reservation
  3. Applying for a license in the DED; so that to get the initial approval.
  4. Once you get approval from DED you need to get approval from DM
  5. Selecting the office space
  6. obtaining a tenancy contract
  7. Final submission for company set up
  8. Collection of business license from the authority