Cafeteria license in Sharjah

Last updated on January 16, 2022

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Cafeteria license in Sharjah

There are many investors who want to start their own small cafeteria license in Sharjah. To setup cafeteria there are a few important steps; which you need to follow properly. You need to design each and every step in advance; and also give a proper financial plan ahead of every single step. Most of the licenses in Sharjah have the same procedure as well as the same regulation; but a few licenses need extra step as well as extra approval from different authority; cafeteria license in Sharjah is one of them which need extra approval. So you need to plan all the step and approval in advance for cafeteria license in Sharjah.

Cafeteria license in Sharjah

It is a risky task to have your own company in Sharjah; but having a good plan and a keen approach will help you to complete your dream; that is of having your own small cafeteria license in Sharjah. But think of that there will always be a tough job for you; and it could be a few tears or even more. The main object is that you need to be strong-minded; and need it to have looking forward and never think to create income instantly; because, for many company profits start after the first or even the 2nd year of setups.

If you have knowledge and experience in cafeteria business or in a coffee shop; and you want to setup a cafeteria in Sharjah then you are on a right place. In this post we will go through the rules and regulation of cafeteria license in Sharjah. Opening a small cafeteria license in Sharjah or coffee shop is not only about interest and having fun. It requires more knowledge and skills; and proper consultation which you will take it from our expert team of professional.

How to open a cafeteria in Sharjah

There are several investors who want to open cafeteria in Sharjah; but as we have mention that there are a few step need to be taken; before thinking about How to open a cafeteria in Sharjah; You need to follow a few steps to start your own cafeteria license in Sharjah. Following are the key steps which you need to consider for how to open a cafeteria in Sharjah.

Register Your Trade Name for Cafeteria license in Sharjah

Estimated Cost Estimated Time Where to Go
AED 250 to 2500 [ AED 100 for Approval; AED 100 for the Smart Card and AED 50 to 2250 depending on your trade name] 1 working day Trade Name Section, Sharjah  Economic Development Department

You can skip this step if you have already registered a trade name. You can trade under the same name as long as it covers the scope of your business activities.

If you are a new venture capitalist or a new business setup owner; then you need to register your trade name in SEDD. At the end of the process you will get an e-registration certificate. Print it out and keep it near.

  • You as well as your partner’s passport copies with details of your residence permits, if you are expats. In the case of Emirate national, a national ID and passport will suffice.
  • For all expat partners, need an NOC letter from each of their sponsors.
  • Also if a partner under the age of 21, an NOC certified by the Shari’a Court.

Get your cafeteria space

You need to rent a property prior to the licensing process and secured a place to run your cafe. Take the entire document along with your lease contract; also a blue print of the area to the Commercial Protection section of the SEDD.

SEDD will review your tenancy contract and then approve; if they trust that your taken space is suitable for your business setup in Sharjah. Also keep in mind that they might organize an inspection of your premises.

Apply for Your Cafeteria setup in Sharjah

You should already have the following ready:

  • An investor e-registration form
  • A registered trade name certificate
  • No objection letters certified by the Sharia court for all expat as well as underage partners
  • Passport copy  or ID card or a Family Book copies of all the partners
  • An approved place of cafeteria with a proper tenancy contract
  • Also a special approval letter or permit for your business activities

Add to that list these documents:

  • An MOA which your legal representatives will create, and notarize it; (this can be done by a notary public at the SEDD or at the Sharia Courts)
  • Technical evaluation report
  • A copy of the land map and a title deed of your premises;
  • Letter of approval from the Ministry of Economy
  • Also a letter of approval from the Legal Affairs department
  • Your signboard design ( this can be got at a specialist signage store, more on the requirements of this below)

Submit all these documents in person at the SEDD. Authority will analysis your documents and pass your company data in to the system. Your information may be alter during this process in order to meet official requirements.

After your license accepted, you will be issued with a payment voucher. Once you clear the registration fees; then you will finally be issues with your trade certificates and your license.