RAK free zone business setup

Last updated on April 16, 2022

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One of the most important UAE free zones company setup is RAK free zone business setup. RAK free zone was founded in the year 2000. It is located right at the heart of RAK. It is currently RAKEZ the combination of RAK FTZ as well as RAKIA. This was made to have the two zones be overseen and make sure the appropriate handling of customers. Over 8,600 companies are setup in RAK Free Trade Zone; from more than 100 countries in the world with above 50 industries. RAK free zone company setup is simply one of the top choices of every one.

RAK Free Trade Zone has been awarded “Best Emerging Free Zone” for business setup in RAK. It has turn into a world-class business center. Its state-of-the-art road and rail network definitely helped in this, in company with its hi-tech facilities. The services in RAK free trade zone are as under: flexi desk option; an executive office, a standard office as well as a warehouses etc. In having a RAK free zone company setup in RAK FTZ; there are four type of entity that are allow; and they are the following: free zone establishment (FZE); branch of a local company, free zone company (FZC) as well as a branch of a foreign company.

The investors can also select from different license types for their RAK free zone business setup. These license types are commercial, consultancy / services, industrial as well as educational.

RAK free zone business setup

RAK free zone business setup, like all other UAE free trade zone; has logical as well as precise procedures for RAK Company set up. Once you select RAK free trade zone for your company set up; then you need to hire a consultant who will guide you through out the process. Almost each and every single company, if not all of them; which is set up in UAE was guided by consultants. This is for the motive that these people will give you the information you are looking for. Knowing the RAK free zone company setup charges before you go through with your decision; is significant as it prepares you with regard to your economic side of things.

RAK free zone company setup consultant

Since company set up in UAE is very hard task; so you do not need to take it lightly; you need to take a help of people who are expert in such a field. Because they know about RAK free zone flexi desk charges for your office; and RAK free zone virtual office if you are going to take one. You can also ask them about RAK free zone trade license; as well as everything you are keen to know about it. And also, hiring a consultant mean that they will answer all your question; which is about how to go for RAK free zone business setup; and also  they will be the one to go to the department and process you request.

There are a large number to select from UAE free trade zone; and plenty to know about RAK free zone company formation. When you have the right group, you can be ensured to have an excellent start.

Benefits of RAK free zone business setup

Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone Authority has been approximately for almost two decades. It is incessantly serving the economy of the UAE along with other free zone establishments in UAE. Investors after investing find this place and carry out business setup in RAK free zone.

The following list is what will give you  the basis; on why they look forward to set up their company in such place.

  • RAK free zone company setup is one of the world’s most cost effective free zone setup. Land as well as charges of living in Ras AL Khaimah is also very reasonably price
  • 100% overseas ownership, free from taxes (including VAT); no restrictions on an overseas exchange transactions and much more other free zone facilities
  • Flexible as well as transparent laws and regulations for businesses in RAK FTZ
  • Vital location for logistics and warehousing for both the UAE as well as the GCC markets
  • Geo strategic location with access to over 1.2 billion clients
  • RAK FTZ Industrial Park and Technology Park are nearby to a seaport as well as international airport

100% foreign ownership

Companies in Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone didn’t require any local sponsor at all when their organizations were established unlike in the mainlands; a local sponsor is not obligatory for businessmen in order for them to start a company in the country. Being in the free zone gives everyone the benefit of having 100% ownership of your business.

Tax exemption of RAK free zone company formation

At the beginning of 2018; UAE has implement a value added tax (VAT) on some product as well as services. However, corporate as well as income taxes are still not an obligation by the government to be rewarded by companies. This is still seen as a benefit for all single owner; who is looking for tax exemption on such kinds of taxes.

There are many more that RAK free zone company setup offers for investors; who are searching to go through a free zone company registration. The following supplementary benefits are listed under for you to perceive:

  • quick and efficient RAK free zone business setup as well as support services
  • Fast-track UAE visa issuance
  • A large range of real estate facilities to suit your individual business requirements
  • The Massed Services, that provides translation of documents, obtaining support, recruitment of employees, creation as well as printing of corporate materials and a lot of other services

Types of Trade Licenses Available for RAK free zone company setup

Following licenses are obtainable for RAK free zone business setup

  • RAK FTZ Consulting & Service License and Real Estate License allow the holder for a consulting services in finance; management, investment, legal issues as well as economics etc. Other activities under such license are: restaurants or food outlets; travel agencies, catering services, insurance, cargo as well as freight forwarding and many others
  • RAK FTZ Commercial License will allow you for a lot of type of commercial activity; like an import, export, storage as well as distribution of items as mention in the license
  • RAK FTZ Industrial License is compulsory for the activities such as Import of raw materials, manufacturing; also for assembling, a processing, a packaging and exporting of the products. Clearance from RAK FTZ practicability as well as environmental impact studies is obligatory for such license
  • RAK FTZ General Trading License is a commercial license which allows activities like import and export , warehousing and distribution etc


RAK free zone company setup have all kinds of activities for their base to start. This shows their flexible system which is without any doubt helping the economy to raise more.

Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone Parks for RAK free zone business setup

RAK free zone business setup operates in four specific free trade zone parks; to full fill the need of a small and medium as well as large businesses.

  1. Business Park is fully furnish as well as functional office; flexi desks as well as flexi offices (share office) existing at cost effective charges. This business park is suitable for client who just want a license to work.
  2. Industrial Park is fully develop for warehouses as well as heavy industries
  3. Technology Park is fully for light industries, manufacturing as well as capital intensive lifestyle projects
  4. Academic zone is design for educational firm

Support Service for RAK free zone company formation

We are one of the top consultancy firm in Dubai. We provide all kind of RAK free zone company setup information to our client; such as RAK free zone flexi desk cost and RAK free zone virtual office based on what they require.

The below mention is a list of services that we can offer when you allow us to work with you:

  • Applying and following up on behalf of the customer until the collection of the Certificate of Business Registration (Trade License)
  • Representing the client in front of the authorities
  • Assisting the customer in bank account opening
  • Help the customer in account opening with the Ministry of Labor
  • Assisting the client in account opening with the UAE immigration
  • supporting the client in leasing a premise as an address for the business


The procedure of processing your RAK free zone company setup will take from 2 to 4 weeks.