How to start a maid service business in Dubai

Last updated on November 29, 2021

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How to start a maid service business in Dubai: UAE is a potential market for any cleaning service. As we have stated before in several article; more than 70% of the residents in Dubai are the expat who are really busy with their daily work. Dubai has made a note on high number of cleaning business setup in previous years. The volume of this particular business is increase by 35% to 45% yearly which reveals the success of the Cleaning business; as well as it also show the good market demand for such services.

Dubai has got the status of international city because of the presence of large number of foreign expats; who are here to take the benefit of tax free economy; and other incentives provided by the Dubai government. Most of these expats and many local Emirati citizens also love a high lifestyle; which favors them to take the services of other people for their daily tasks. One among these is the maid service in Dubai. They need maid for cleaning, child care cooking etc.

The presence of large wealthy expat people; and higher lifestyle of local residents converted the maid service business in Dubai into another lucrative business; and that is why there are several companies providing maid services in Dubai. But even then, there are a lot of rooms for such companies to start; as the people is increasing steadily which is raising the trend of maid service business setup in Dubai.

How to start a maid service business in Dubai

One of the main reason where people look for How to start a maid service business in Dubai; is the tourism opportunities available in Dubai. Dubai is among one of the most go to places in the world; and millions of expat from all over the world visit Dubai every year; and huge number of visitors are seen in Dubai at every time of year. So it means that large hotels as well as restaurants always remain busy with customers. These hotels also need cleaning services on regular basis.

If you have maid service business in Dubai; then these big hotels and restaurants and expat flat provide huge business chances for you. Apart from residential and commercial cleaning services; industrial cleaning services for big offices are also needed in Dubai. There are so huge chances of cleaning services open in Dubai; that its number is increasing by more than 45% on annual basis.

Things to consider before starting maid business in Dubai:

Select your area of cleaning

There are a number of cleaning services exist for setup in Dubai. These include car washing & cleaning, carpets cleaning; dry cleaning service, building cleaning services etc. So if you are looking for how to start a maid service business in Dubai; then you should include all these and other key services available in your company; in order to get more coverage and suitability for wide range of services. But you can also take on just single type of maid service; and provide maid service for your clients that will help you gain reputation; that is in this special field in the early phases of your business. Later, you can take on other services also after getting some experience.

Hire train maids

You need to hire maids for cleaning purposes that are fully trained in their field. If they are inexperience then you need to provide training in the company before being used in the field.

Market awareness

You must be aware of the market demand in this field. Train your maids for new cleaning techniques; you must be fully aware and directly adopt the latest needs to increase your business; and also to be one step ahead of your competitors. Dubai is a diverse city where people from all around the world live; who speaks different languages. It is essential that you are aware about the two or three main languages; such as English, Arabic and Hindi are spoken in Dubai; and your consultant can easily talk customers in these languages.

Marketing of your business

As mention above, there are many companies providing maid services in Dubai; and you have to prove that you are better and cheaper to them; in order to grow your newly started business. Marketing is a main key element for this purpose. Apart from using old ways like business cards, brochures etc. it is also sensible to make use of the services of internet like social media and blogs. This will help you support your business for longer period of time.

How to start a maid service business in Dubai

The normal cost for the Building / House Cleaning Services in Dubai are AED 30 per hour; but, it increases if you manage to get long term contracts accordingly.

If you are planning How to start a maid service business in Dubai; then we suggest you to choose the exact cleaning activity that labels your propose business scenario.

The Cleaning Activities are normally registered under the Professional category; that requires a Local Service Agent in order to get the license.

If you are looking How to start a maid service business in Dubai as a LLC; then you need a local sponsor how will hold 51% of share in the company.

You can setup this business as a professional or as a cleaning company in Dubai. In both the cases, DED is the setup authority which will issue the license. We at Shams Consultant are providing consultancy to client in Dubai for a number of years. You can contact us to set up your Cleaning Company License Dubai.