Gym License in Dubai

Last updated on January 20, 2022

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Gym license in Dubai

How to open gym in Dubai: In Dubai Health and fitness is becoming a fashion; where every individual either local Emirate or expat; is in a chase to achieve the goal of attaining ideal condition of health. It gives rise to the trend of gym license in Dubai. As a small city Dubai has enough number of gyms; but there are still bundle of opportunities for personal trainer license Dubai as well as gym license in Dubai; and fitness due to the constant increasing in the figure of gym goers. As the number will be increase of expats in Dubai in upcoming years; due to high level business and opportunities of jobs; the trend of gym is also seems to grow.

Not only the number of gym goers is increasing in Dubai; but there are new and modern fitness techniques adopted by people; and gyms are taking huge interest in these modern techniques of fitness. A number of such techniques are exclusive and remarkable; while quite a lot of gyms are providing exclusive methods of this new fitness. A small amount of the new and unique gym; as well as personal trainer license Dubai getting popularity in Dubai is given as under.

Boutique gym license in Dubai

This is a sort of gym where exercise is made in a relaxed environment with full of fun. In such gym, you will be serving with exercise of your own choice while you will also enjoy soothing music; marvelously decorated places and with a company of other active and energetic people interested in your favorite exercise. The experience of your favorite exercise; and company of the same wave length people assist you to achieve your desire goal. There are a number of gyms providing such experience to people in Dubai; and there are enormous chances of success for boutique gyms business setup in Dubai mainland.

Cross Fit Gym license in Dubai

This exercise combines elements of a variety of workout techniques; as well as Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and ply metrics. Such kind of fitness and training is becoming very much popular among the youth of Emirate. Both boys and girls of Emirate experts Cross Fit have made their names on national and international level; and to a greater extent Emirate are trying to follow them. This gave rise to set up quite a lot of personal trainer license Dubai; as well as gym license in Dubai; exclusively for cross fit training that are attended by large number of residents of Dubai.

Fitness for specific age group

Apart from youngsters, now the trend of gyms for old people and children is also getting fame in Dubai. Considering this trend, numerous gyms have now start specific classes for old people; as well as children having 6 to 12 years of age where simple exercises are taught to the visitors. These types of gyms are also boosting the business of gym; as old and adults also visiting the gym at day times; while usual gyms remain empty at that time; before the peak hours of evening.

Bare base workouts gym license in Dubai

Presence of expat people in a large number is the main reason; behind the popularity of such type of fitness system; where principles of dance and ballet are combined with cardio, stretching and strength training. This is very difficult category of exercise but produces constructive results. A large number of expat and local visit these gyms daily.

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

This type of physical program is also use electric shocks; to make active muscles at intensity more than they can be done manually. It is very much helpful in burning fat at the best possible time; and one can burn fat and also build muscle in just 20 minutes with EMS. This workout is fashionable in Dubai where people are taking interest to get maximum fitness in shortest possible time. A small number of gyms with EMS are currently working in Dubai; but there is room for several others to work in the city.

Kangoo Jumps gym license in Dubai

Kangoo jump is a jumping exercise where particular shoes with springs are use for training principle. This exercise not only provides cardio workout but it is also a thrilling experience; where you can jump much higher with very less efforts. This tendency of gym is also popularizing Dubai as well.

Activity for gym license in Dubai

Gym professional license in Dubai allows the following activity

  1. Physical exercise and preparation for fitness and weight loss.
  2. Provide diverse types of massage.
  3. Meditation games including yoga and tai-chi.

Gym License in Dubai does not allow the following activity

  1. Performing of any remedial or physiological treatments for rheumatism or any other parallel diseases
  2. Allowing patients diagnosed with transmittable diseases to enter or perform any activity in the fitness club/health center
  3. Use of electrical remedial machines ultrasound machines or other parallel treatment machines by incompetent staff
  4. Use of health club / fitness center building for staff somewhere to stay purposes
  5. Causing trouble as a result of noise from sporting activities
  6. Male staff in or allowing them to ladies health clubs / fitness centers
  7. females staff in or allowing them to gents health clubs / fitness centers

How to open gym in Dubai

There are also extraordinary conditions that come along with the formation of a gym.

  1. Instructors plus users of the facilities in the fitness clubs or health centers are requires wearing gym dress.
  2. All staff working in health clubs / fitness a center is needs to keep personal hygiene.
  3. All staff members performing massages are requires being properly qualified from DOHMS.
  4. A nutritionist will only prescribe weight reducing diets.
  5. Gyms, Health clubs,  fitness centers  will must contain the following:
    • Source for drinking water;
    • enough number of clean WC for men as well as women;
    • Also you need to place one shower each for every six (6) persons;
    • In order to change cloth you need changing area along with proper lockers;
    • Also you need to place an essential first aid items;
    • Well maintained furniture and machines;
    • Maintain smoke-free atmosphere as well as place signage to that effect;
    • Fire extinguisher structure approved by Civil Defense;
    • appropriate ventilation  and  lighting  (availability  of  fresh  air  not  less  than 20 cubic foot per person designed as full occupancy);
    • Neat and clean towels after each use;
    • suitable drainage system;
    • Detergents as well as disinfectants;
    • Hand wash basin with liquid hand soap as well as tissues;
    • Floor for the sports apparatus will be made from latex for shock resistance.  Other  areas  are  requires  to  be  smooth  enough and  easy  to  clean;
    • Presence of partition between ladies and gents health clubs/fitness centers.
    • If there is a swimming pool; then it must be in healthy conditions as per MD rules.