Dubai Design District business setup

Last updated on June 5, 2022

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Dubai Design District business setup

Dubai Design District business setup is the modern addition to Dubai free zone. D3 free zone was launch in 2013 by the UAE Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai; Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid al Maktoum. The idea behind launching Dubai Design District free zone is to build; a tailor made design center that would develop emerging local talent; as well as to provide a home for the county creative thinkers.

Several of the world creative centers have grown gradually over many years; the result of developing fashions as well as cultural trends. The creators of the Middle East design district are undertaking an ambitious; and innovative approach to creating a regional hub for creative design. From the ground up, Dubai Design District free zone has grew to become the primary destination; that is for creative from all over the Middle East; and it is still growing.

D3 free zone (Dubai Design District free zone) provide a choice of operating either as a free zone entity; or as business setup in Dubai mainland. Each and every set up has its own benefits and our team will be able to talk; that is about which way onward might be best suited to your requirements. D3 free zone also provide freelance permits; so that talented as well as motivated young artists and designers can get a foothold; that is on the commercial ladder and work in an environment which reflects their desires. The physical spaces at d3 free zone are design to provide this kind of flexibility.

Dubai Design District free zone

For the thousands of artists as well as fashion designers and creative minds across the region; there has been a desperate need for a real, living community. A community which provides space, collaboration and opportunities for our regional designers; and that also attracts exceptional talent from across the world.

Dubai Design District free zone, d3 free zone, has been carefully developed for company formation in Dubai; which is to provide a creative ecosystem that exceeds the expectations of a typical creative neighborhood. It has its own beating heart; its own spirit as well as its own very personal style. This is a home where bohemians can live, work and play. Where aspiring designers can cut their teeth and learn about their trade; where local talent can work along with international design in art and fashion houses. It is at its heart, a place where creative minds can come together to recognize their dreams.

Dubai Design District business setup

One of the most attractive things about D3 is the series of events which take place throughout the year. Two of the largest events are Sole DXB and the Fashion Forward Dubai. Additionally to major events, D3 is filled with design pop-ups throughout the year; presenting everything from interior design to fashion and art. Located close to Mohammed Bin Rashid City and adjacent to Dubai’s Business Bay; D3 is located beside Dubai Creek, and behind Burj Khalifa. It is a TECOM Group free zone business park that consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1

Completed in 2015, phase 1 of D3 consists of 1.2m square feet of offices, ateliers, studios, showrooms and over 200,000 sq. ft. of retail space along with 11 buildings with an estimation of 100 retail units as well as around 1000 offices.

Phase 2

The second phase of D3 designed by Foster and Partners is on track to be finalized by mid-2018. So far, 5% development is completed, involving the construction of D3’s Creative Community that includes workshops, showrooms, design studios as well as exhibition spaces for design and fashion events.

Phase 3

The third phase of D3 is presently being designed and is scheduled with a completion date planned for 2021. Phase three is supposed to feature hotels as well as entertainment, luxury retail, food as well as beverages offering an inclusive range of hospitality and leisure facilities.

Dubai Design District License OR D3 free zone License

We have discussed too much of thing about D3 free trade zone. Now it is the time to say something about the Dubai Design District license or D3 free trade zone license. Dubai Design District license is the choice of those who desire to retain 100% ownership. Operating with a Free zone license also means that you have the liberty to work within the zone. There are a number of diverse types of Dubai Design District license; each and every of these license offers 0% tax as well as complete repatriation of profits:

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC)
  • Branch of a UAE company
  • Branch of a overseas company
  • Freelance permit

Each and every Dubai Design District license comes under either a commercial license or a freelance permit. Commercial licenses can either be a Free zone LLC; or a Branch Company (a branch of either an existing UAE company or an overseas company). Freelance permit allow individuals to work as a sole proprietor for the specified activity.

Dubai Design District business setup as a FZ LLC

This is a special type of a license with the following major key points.

  • It is an independent legal entity; with 100% ownership to an expat.
  • For FZ LLC there is no tax; that is 0% corporate tax and 0% income tax.
  • Ability to repatriate capital and profits
  • At this time let me clear that FZ LLC; can only be operate within the Free zone itself.
  • Must have at least one Director
  • A minimum capital requirement for incorporation is required

Dubai Design District business setup as Branch setup

Branch of a foreign company in Dubai permit an overseas companies to operate in the free zone; with the same activity that the parent company have. Following are the central key points of such type of a license.

  • No share capital needed for this type of entity.
  • There is no tax; which is 0% corporate tax as well as 0% income tax
  • It also permit a foreign company to replicate his business in this free zone.
  • Conducts all or some of the operations inherent in the parent’s business

Branch of a UAE company in Dubai design District free zone

  • 51% locally own
  • No share capital require for such type of entity.
  • There is no tax; that is 0% corporate tax and 0% income tax
  • Not a separate legal entity from its parent
  • Can perform all or some of the operations inherent in the parent’s business

Dubai Design District business setup as a Freelance license

  • Offers the ability to operate as a freelance professional
  • Identified as a sole practitioner
  • Enables practitioner to carry out business under birth name as oppose to a brand name

Salient Features of Dubai Design District business setup

  • Location: the basic feature of D3 free zone is the site. It is in the heart of the Dubai city; which is very much near to business Bay. It is almost 6 minutes away from the DIFC free zone; as well as 3 minutes away from the Dubai Mall; and 65 million annual visitors. It is also a 15 minute away from the Dubai Airport. 18 minutes from the city’s Dubai Media City as well as Dubai Internet City clusters.
  • Dubai Design District business setup: Dubai Technology & Media Free Zone Authority (DTMFZA) is responsible for the company setup in Dubai Design District free zone. There are 6 easy stages to setting up your Free Zone FZ-LLC; and there are only 4 steps for a Branch Company.
  • Regulatory Value: The District comes under an independent; and business also offer friendly regulatory scheme under the DTMFZA. D3 free zone is also very much near to the Business Bay area of Dubai. So it mostly focus on fashion, design and luxury sectors. 100% foreign owner ship; as well as a legal frame work which encourages new start up; also an integrated service and complete repatriation of incomes as well as capital.
  • Mainland license: Unlike other free zones; it is reasonably possible to setup as well as operate at d3 free zone with onshore license. Onshore Dubai Design District business setup has much more flexibility in terms of territorial coverage; as they can also do business outside of the free zone area as well. At the same while they can be part of the unique d3 free zone community. However, you must to be aware that onshore license must be issue from DED directly; and you also require to have a local partner or sponsor.

Our Dubai Design District company setup services include:

  • First of all in the first place, let me tell you that we advise more cost effective; as well as proper license package in Dubai Design District free zone.
  • We also help with obtaining residency visas; and work permits after your Dubai Design District free zone company setup
  • Also setup of your company branch; as well as subsidiary in Dubai Design District free zone
  • At this stage let me tell you one more service; that we offer for D3 free zone; that is, Assistance with opening bank accounts for your Dubai Design District free zone company setup
  • We also assist with all other start up and all other legal requirements

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Dubai Design District business setup

  1. D3 is a free zone that enables an investor to enjoy sole ownership; whole repatriation of profit as well as capitals, and no duty on import and export.
  2. A remarkable opportunity to go global as Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world; and D3’s strategic location is extremely beneficial.
  3. Smart steps have been taken by the authorities to develop the district as a smart zone; that includes privileges like smart parking meters; smart energy meters as well as smart waste management etc.
  4. D3 owns a security system which can distinguish an employee face; and switch on lights and adjust the temperature on a user’s desk automatically.
  5. A chance to be versatile as D3 owns a business zone for fashion and luxury as well as design; it will give you the access to art studios, museums as well as art galleries etc. That will ultimately boost your versatility.
  6. Dubai will give you world class infrastructure; and you do not also need to pay any income tax. And it is a perfect gateway between the east and the west; that enable you to expand your business as well as network in the entire GCC region easily.

D3 free zone set up cost:

Description Fees (in AED)
License Fee: 15,000
Registration: 3,510
Office space categories: 110 per sq/ft to 165 per sq/ft
Office deposit Equal to three months’ rent.

Feature of Dubai Design District business setup

Straight forward Dubai Design District business setup:

A main factor behind the rising popularity of Dubai Design District business setup is its quick and easy formation process. The first step is to submit your application form for approval, a business plan as well as shareholder passport copies. Once your application has been approved you can reserve your office space and so you are ready to go.

Low startup costs:

Dubai Design District business setup is not only easy but it is inexpensive too. For Dubai Design District company setup, the license is start from around AED 15,000; and the minimum share capital required is low at AED 50,000.

Work among the best

In its own words, it sets out to be a city where creative can live, work and play. Here local talent can work alongside with international design, art and fashion houses. And it surely achieves these objectives.

World class location for Dubai Design District business setup

You will be working in the world class location with world class people. You will be underneath Dubai’s stunning skyline and just minutes from the looming Burj e Khalifa; its wide transport links make business travel easy for both local as well as international businesses.

Set up with multiple shareholders:

It is a home to world’s best corporations. It permit for Dubai Design District company setup with multiple shareholders. These can be individuals, corporate entities or a combination of both.

Visa options for Dubai Design District business setup

Of course, multiple shareholders (and employees) need multiple visas, and d3 delivers here as well. The zone offers best visa option; as your area expands like it offers one visa per 80 sq ft of space.

Easily sponsor dependents:

It making it easy for you to apply for visas of your employees, by Dubai Design District company setup; you will also be able to sponsor dependents for their visas. Whether you wish to sponsor a spouse, child or domestic staff, the process is comparatively easy. You just need an entry permit, status adjustment, medical fitness test; then Emirates ID registration as well as visa stamping.

Easy to arrange your corporate bank account:

Once you receive your license and finish your Dubai Design District business setup; then you are ready to open your bank account. The application process is fast and simple. The D3 free zone staff can help you to choose the banks that can full fill your requirements.

Dive into Dubai Design District Free Zone

There are a number of steps which need to be undertaken after setting up your business. However, the specifics of this process will depend largely on the nature of license; which you are applying for and the kind of business you wish to run. That is why before starting any of these step; the first call should always be to a company setup expert; who will guide you through every part of the application.