How to start a maintenance company in Dubai

Last updated on December 22, 2021

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How to start a maintenance company in Dubai

There are some procedures going for how to start a maintenance company in Dubai. This is why it is very essential that you should have business opening consultants with you. That will presents to you the information that you require in this setup.

These consultants or advisers will answer all of your questions about how to start a maintenance company in Dubai. Also, they will offer you the information about the estimated charges in Dubai so you may get ready for it as soon as possible.

They also carry out as a consultant who can carry you with look upon to the rule and regulations of the state. You can liberally ask all sorts of questions from these consultants and they will also answer with the best possible options as they know such type of business very well.

Consultants are accountable to supervise the entire process. It is also an important part of the consultant job to run and administer the entire set up process which comprises going to all of the departments to acquire or sign all documents.

How to start a maintenance company in Dubai

Transport as well as IT companies in Dubai is getting at a higher number. People, who wish for to carry out support services for building, are searching for how to start a maintenance company in Dubai.

Maintenance people use to work in several fields that include heating as well as air, electronics and mechanical fields along with woodworking. Their responsibility is to make repairs and also carry out regular maintenance work to keep constructions as well as apparatus in good form.

They also make a decision when the structures and equipment require to be changed. A lot of states need that maintenance workers must obtain training and general maintenance license prior to performing the maintenance duties.

Main Activity of how to start a maintenance company in Dubai

So to provide a handy man services in Dubai, UAE you need a maintenance license in UAE. As a foreign investor you can open and keep on all type of maintenance work in Dubai. You can begin any maintenance work in Dubai as it has many benefits. The list of work link to the maintenance that you can start in Dubai is as following:

  • Reactive as well as Protective Maintenance work
  • Revamp as well as Adjustment works
  • Sanitation as well as repair works
  • Maintenance as well as repair of A/C works
  • Exterior paint as well as Interior Paint works
  • Electrical as well as repair work
  • All kind of woodworking (gypsum as well as partition works,)
  • Try our handyman facilities or services for all kind of jobs you now didn’t find time to start
  • Garden designing likes prettification as well as maintenance
  • Gypsum streamers as well as decorations in offices, shops  and hospitals
  • Installing and changing of new locks
  • Changing of the lockets and also of the wire switches
  • All type of electrical wiring works
  • Hanging of frame as well as the pictures on the wall
  • Installation and fittings of all lights
  • Fitting blinds as well as fitting of Bathrooms and all other rooms
  • All types of Wallpaper decoration
  • Putting up railings of the curtains
  • Installation of home appliances
  • Flooring and roofing works
  • Flooring works including vinyl floor, wooden flooring, gulper flooring, altar floor, Carpet flooring and much more.
  • Wood floor wax removal as well as painting
  • Silicon resealing of the bathroom and that of the kitchen
  • Soaking tap and Putting up shelves
  • Substituting bulbs and Furniture assembly

Where to get maintenance license in Dubai?

If you are planning for how to start a maintenance company in Dubai main land; you need to know the following in order to know where to start.

Cost of setting up a business

Setting up a company involves investment of money; like paying for license, office space as well as employee visas. The cost of setting up a company depends on:

  • The nature of the activity and license required; whether it is commercial, industrial or service-oriented
  • The legal form of the company; whether it is an establishment, a company, or a branch of a company.

Capital requirements for a company on the main land

Capital need for a company on the main land vary according to the legal form of company. For example for a PJSC, 30 million AED capital is requires. For a PrJSC, it should not be less than AED 5 million paid in full.

A part from this, the UAE commercial company law did not impose any paid up capital. But, it stated that the minimum capital should be mention in the MOA; which must be a enough capital to achieve the purpose of the company set up.

For a foreign company which is looking for how to start a maintenance company in Dubai; they are also searching for help on the current practice of the relevant emirate regarding minimum share capital.

Planning to set up a maintenance company in a free zone

There are several changes between a main land and a free zone. The main difference is in the ownership structure; scope of liability, presence of local sponsor as partners or agents; and nature of trade and economic benefits that can be reaped.

If you do not like to make a local partner in your company; or you do not know any UAE national to partner with; then you can set up a company in a free zone. Free zone offers 100% foreign ownership to any expat partner.