IFZA company setup

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IFZA company setup

IFZA company setup

International Free Zone Authority has set a road to count itself as a leading investment hub in the UAE. IFZA Free zone offering a highly custom built approach; joined with efficient international service standards as well as cost effective solutions. Facilities such as Offices, Warehouses, Residential Apartments, hotel; and also a retail outlet options are available for IFZA company setup. It has a verity of license option; such as trading license, consultancy license, service license; a general trading license, an industrial license as well as Holding License. IFZA free zone is able to well assist small local as well as large international businesses.

It is based in the heart of Fujairah and put up on global quality; it is truly all about the customer and their journey to business success.

Advantages of IFZA company setup

  • A cost effective business set up solutions
  • Fast as well as easy IFZA company setup; and also easy company management
  • Wide as well as complete range of business activities.
  • 100% foreign ownership allow for IFZA company setup
  • You don’t need to be physically present during the set up of a company
  • IFZA company setup is an LLC setup
  • 100% exemption from corporate as well as income tax
  • There is no restriction on a foreign currency
  • Full repatriation of company profits as well as capital
  • IFZA company setup cost is very low; that is, it starts from 11000.
  • There is no need to hire a physical office; because you can operate from flexi desk.
  • Also there is no need for share capital
  • It also offer the formation of holding companies

License type for company formation in IFZA free zone

In the first place, IFZA offer several type of license option; that can serve small local company as well as large global businesses:

Consultancy License: This type of a license is for those who provide expert as well as professional consultancy services across all industries.

Service License:  This type of a license is for those who are the service provider; like production, re-production, transformation as well as distribution of services. Service license includes version services as the primary objective; and utilizing related goods to provide those services.

Trading License: This type of a license is allowing you to import, export; distribution as well as storing of items specified on the license.

General Trading License: This type of a license is enable you to trade in a wider range of activities; and gives you the choice to trade in any commodity which is allow in the UAE.

Industrial License: This type of a license is enabling you to import raw materials; It will also allow you the production of products; and will enable you for the export of these product.

Holding License: This type of a license is enabling you for holding company formation in IFZA free zone; It will allow you to hold assets as well as hold shares in other companies. Holding firms are commonly use for controlling other companies as well as other entities; property & real estate, stocks, assets, trademarks and patents.

International Free Zone company formation

  • International Free Zone company formation offers a wide and comprehensive range of business activities; including Service, Consultancy, trading as well as Industrial options.
  • All licenses are registered with a structure of LLC which is an independent entity; whereby the company structure separates the owners as well as shareholders from the company. With the LLC company the owners are able to sponsor employees and open bank accounts.
  • International Free Zone company formation is also stream line insuring a fast turn around.
  • Our team of experts is on hand to get your International Free Zone company formation; in an efficient as well as timely manner.
  • It is one of the best place for Establishing a holding company in Dubai

Facilities for IFZA company setup


IFZA company setup enables you to choose from a wide range of modern office solutions; because it is built exactly to your requirements. IFZA offer shared office space, private as well as an executive office.


Warehouse facilities include various size options; build that is on the highest logistics standards.

IFZA License cost

Zero Visa 11,500
with 1 Visa 15,700
with 2 Visa 17,900
with 3 Visa 19,700
with 4 Visa 21,300
with 5 Visa 22,900
with 6 Visa



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