E Trader License in Dubai

Last updated on July 13, 2022

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E Trader License in Dubai

Have you ever believed of opening a small business from home on social media? Maybe you would like to sell handmade product or your web design or any IT services. Or maybe you are already retailing your products or services on your social media; and doubting whether it is legal to sell online in the UAE? Dubai has setup its emphasis on becoming the top e-commerce hub; and has brought new systems and wits to foster economic activity. One such system has been the E trader license in Dubai; it is launch in 2017 so that to helps expat to work from home on social media; Read on to discover more about this home e trading license Dubai. In this article you will find out the cost of the E trader license in Dubai; how to apply and what you can do with it!

DED has recently launch e trading license in Dubai; that focuses on e trading activity allowing Emirate; as well as GCC citizens in Dubai to do business on social media site. This license will allow you to practice of offering products and services for sale on social media.

E trading license in Dubai is only available for UAE or GCC nationals; who live in Dubai with Emirates ID only; and the owner must be an Emirate or GCC citizen aged 18 or above and residing in Dubai. The ded e-trader license is not allow to open a shop; or issue visas and in case of a legal dispute; the licensee alone will be held responsible.

 What is the E Trader License in Dubai?

The E trader license in Dubai was run by the DED; and its aim is to allow you to do business over social media. The E trading license in Dubai will make it easier for you as well as any single owner to sell their services and products on social media. It will also bolster customer confidence when they are shopping online. The announcement of the ded e-trader license followed; in the wake of the efforts to crack down on forge and fake products being sold on social media platforms like Instagram. The ded e-trader license aims to regulate the sale of products and services conducted through social media in Dubai.

Do you need the E Trading in Dubai?

If you are a single person and want to promote or sells products and services through your social media accounts or a personal website; then you do need an E trader license in Dubai. For instance, this ded e-trader license would apply to stay at home endorsing handmade products or photography services and selling on face book in Dubai.

If you just want to work from home and do not want to hire an office; then e trading license in Dubai is a best solution for that; as it does not require you to submit any Ejari documents. It is an ideal for single owner home base businesses that do not require a local partner and freelancers. UAE as well as GCC Nationals and expats of certain nationalities can apply for the E trader license in Dubai; with the condition that the individual is based in Dubai and is over the age of 21 years.

What can you do with the E-Trader License in Dubai?

With the E Trading business in Dubai; or a home base business can legally sell products and services on social media!

With this kind of license; you can legally promote and sell products as well as services through their social media accounts including Instagram, Face book and more; or on a personal website. You can also feature their products as well as services on online market places such as Souq.com. With this home business license in Dubai, you or any single owner business; can legally participate in and reach out to customers at exhibitions and conferences. You can also protect your trade name and any other intellectual property. The DED also holds exercise and work shop for E trading license Dubai that you can attend!

An E trading license in Dubai is strictly for a single owner home base business in Dubai or freelancer. With this license you are not allow to open a physical shop or any visas.

With the E-trader license in Dubai, you can sell your products and services within the Dubai. But if you want to sell in other emirates, you must need to take approval from the respective Department of Economic Development. You may have to get another E-trader license UAE to sell in that emirate.

Condition for DED E-trader license

It is important to note that there are conditions; that is on what you can sell on social media with an E-trading license in Dubai. UAE as well as GCC National with the license can conduct commercial activity; (that is sell physical products and goods); and professional activity (that is sell professional services) on their social media accounts. For all other expats, the conditions for what individuals can sell and promote on social media depends on nationality. On a general note, non-GCC expats can sell professional services through their social media, but not physical products. This could include maintenance license in UAE, repair, event management and photography services. You can find out more about which nationalities are eligible for this kind of license; and also what you can sell through social media when you register for the license.

E-trader license Dubai fees

The E-trader license Dubai fees are now is AED 1,070; (plus AED 300, if you are going to start a commercial activity); and also you need to renew your license every year. License fees can be paid up to 24 hours from the issuance of the payment voucher. Also DED will cancel your license if it is not renew in a month from the expiry date. It takes 3 to 5 working days to obtain E – Trader License.

How do you obtain the E-Trader License Dubai?

Registering for the E-trader license Dubai is quick and easy process that can be done online.

The process to obtain the E-trading license Dubai is simple and quick. You can also easily apply for the E trading license Dubai on the DED Trader website. For this you need to create a DED Trader account; so that to register with DED and then make the payment. You will also need to provide information about your social media accounts when registering for the license. Normally, you’ll get the confirmation for the license within five to ten minutes; which you can then print out as well!