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Dubai is known as the business capital of a UAE; and very popular in Middle East for trade and finance. But all this become possible because of its liberal economy and the Gov’t high progressive in thought. Its broad base culture also adds extra value to Dubai; that is to attract foreign entrepreneurs for starting a company. These are not the only charms of Dubai. Dubai is rich with free trade zone where expat can hold 100% ownership of his business. DMCC free zone is one of them. Business setup DMCC free zone is one of the core services which you will get from our firm.

Business setup in DMCC free zone

DMCC free zone was start in 2002; since then it became one of the main free zone of Dubai; to offer trading in gold, pearls, diamonds, tea, cotton, minerals as well as in metals. Business setup in DMCC free zone can be in one of best business; because it is in the middle of the Dubai city. DMCC business setup will give you a touch of main land as it is in the center of Dubai. Like a main land Business setup DMCC free zone also allow shareholder from 1 to 50. It is a tax free, free trade zone.

Location of Business setup DMCC free zone Dubai

DMCC business setup is more popular among the foreign investment; or another word we can say that DMCC free zone is paying a vital role; that is in the boosting of Dubai economy; that is by bringing more and more expat in the region. DMCC free zone is near to Dubai Marina as well as Mall of the Emirates; DMCC Free Zone is located in a lake front of JLT Towers; and is 12 minutes from Jebel Ali Sea as well as Air Ports. Also 10 minute drive from world trade center.

Advantages of DMCC business setup

  • Full foreign owner ship of business in DMCC free zone.
  • Zero tax, that is no personal income tax; as well as no corporate taxes
  • No restriction on capital repatriation; that is for business setup in DMCC free zone
  • You can operate out of privately develop properties
  • No duty for import as well as export
  • The most known and a key value of DMCC free zone; that is it has minimal paper work.
  • located in the heart of Dubai with access to two Metro Stations
  • Well organize online system for using gov’t services
  • It is fastest growing Free Zone in Dubai.
  • It is also known as the best free zone by the global FDI Magazine
  • Flexible Office Solutions
  • World class infrastructure

DMCC Flexi desk

DMCC Flexi desk is a hot desk facility given in the Business Centre of the DMCC Free Zone; so that to minimize the set up cost and get the license. It can be used up to 5 hours weekly for free of charge. DMCC Flexi desk allow getting only three UAE residency visas. If more visas are require, then the company needs to lease an office space; that is in the free zone. One visa can be obtain for each 9 sq / mt. of the office.
Also note that the DMCC flexi desk option is not available for General Trading License.

DMCC business setup license types

Commercial/Trading License

This type of a license allows to import; also an export, distribute, consolidate; and as well as store products that are specified in the license.

General Trading License

This type of a license DMCC business setup; allows to import, also an export; distribute, consolidate, and as well as store almost all types of products (except for few types of products).

Service License

This type of a license business setup DMCC; allows to carry out service or consultancy activities that are specified in the license.

Business setup DMCC free zone

You can do a wide range of business in DMCC free zone; that is in many sectors of business which range from Commodities; an Agriculture, a Mining, a Fishing, a Manufacturing; as well as Trading, a Consulting, a Construction, a Transportation, a Storage; also a Hotels, a Restaurants, an Education, a Healthcare; as well as Social work, Financial inter mediation; and also other community, social and personal services.

DMCC Business Setup Fees

Initial Approval & Trade Name (one time) AED 1,000
Registration Fee (one time) AED 9,020
Memorandum Of Association (one time) AED 2,000
License Fee (yearly) AED 20,020
Auditors Appointment Letter (one time) AED 1,000
TOTAL AED 33,040

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