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Last updated on January 11, 2022

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Opening a Restaurant in Sharjah

Opening a Restaurant in Sharjah: UAE is the center of delicious food preparation pleasures from all over the globe; Food is making a great deal of earnings in the current time. It is one of the key reasons why people take a trip to places in Sharjah; is to have a taste of world food and search out better their experience of roaming.

Rising number of entrepreneur is searching for How to open restaurant in sharjah. Almost 2000 restaurant license in Sharjah; have already been issued to expect to operate in this sector during the last one and a half year; and in UAE by 2019 about 19,000 additional Food and beverage outlets are expected.

People are paying attention to go for new foods; new food lines and entices grows their flavor. In spite of everything, it is one of the very vital parts of travelling; to abroad be to treat in local and global food.

Opening a Restaurant in Sharjah

Each and every month, local spends per person more than AED 750 on food as well as beverages; that is very high in the Middle East. Local Emirati about 78% like to eat in restaurants. Tycoons are changing their attention from restaurants in large halls to small restaurants in modern times, in regions; as it is not only less expensive but also according to the behaviors of the local residents; who now giving first choice restaurant near to their region instead of going in to large halls for away from their own area. Even those who are visiting malls, 85% of them also go to restaurant in a mall to have food.

There are more probability of the improvement of Opening a restaurant in sharjah; keeping in mind the high expenses of local people on food; highlighting it as compared to hotel business because visitors are more feasible to stay in hotels; where they may use restaurants inside the hotel while local people are mostly enjoy their food in separate restaurants.

Opening a restaurant in sharjah

Opening a restaurant in sharjah is also flourishing in the UAE like many other small and large companies. According to a report by Euro International monitor; there are above 6,000 outlets of food and beverage in UAE; and the number is rising further by 19,000 extra food seats at the end of 2019. The grounds is also due to the high costs on food by the local Emirati people apart from the development of tourism business in the country; and the opportunities provided by government of UAE.

Opening a Restaurant in Sharjah

You require following the FOOD CODE before Opening a restaurant in sharjah. It is the plan of the Food Control Department of DM to assurance safe production; as well as delivery of food; and with attempt to guide food criteria of security in the food industry.

There are similar Codes give out in the Canada, Australia, Ireland, United States and Hong Kong. It shows how much practical and dedicated the gov’t of Sharjah to match with world food criteria.

The food code is applicable to following types of opening a restaurant in sharjah or all food related business.

  • Restaurants, cafeteria, hotels and cafes.
  • Bakeries and Butcher shop
  • Institutions of food service in schools as well as in hospitals.
  • Grocery and Supermarket as well as departmental stores.
  • Food factories and warehouses
  • Catering services, supplies to cruise ship, desert camps, events as well as canteens
  • producers of Food packing material and supplies
  • Kiosks, temporary and permanent food events, as well as mobile vending operations

How to open restaurant in sharjah

  1. There must be suitable lighting as well as suitable ventilation
  2. The kitchen area should be 40% of the total area of the restaurant; or it wills be 300 sq feet.
  3. There must be a storage area for dry/chilled as well as frozen food items
  4. The kitchen least area must be 380 sq. feet. If you have a tandoor inside the kitchen.
  5. The washing facilities with hot and cold water should be there.
  6. proper ventilation along with Lighting is requires for Restaurant license in Dubai
  7. Wall, Ceiling as well as Floor should be washable and fire proof; light, smooth, colored and safe, no cracks.
  8. A suitable store for dry, chilled and frozen items Make existing
  9. A separate sink for washing vegetables; together with a preparation table for preparing vegetables
  10. Deep basin for washing full-size pots.
  11. Washing facilities with hot and cold water as well as dual sink.
  12. Stainless Steel Hand wash sink in grounding area with hot and cold water.
  13. For storage of outdoor clothing there must be a Cabinet
  14. There should also be a single Sink for meat as well as preparation table.
  15. Maintain the temperature of cooked and hot food there should be Bain Marie.
  16. There should also be a Stainless Steel shelves for dry food items.
  17. Drainage pipe should have a distance at least 2 inch from the wall.
  18. There should also be a Stainless Steel racks in washing area for drying utensils etc. after washing.
  19. Stipulation of cooking area with chimney and ventilation hood. Chimney must be above 2M from the nearest building.
  20. For Restaurant license in Sharjah no lubricate traps in the kitchen.
  21. The Minimum Area must be 380 sq feet, if there is tandoor is in the kitchen.

NOC for opening a restaurant in sharjah

Approval is compulsory from food control section, before opening your actual works. Three copies of the designed kitchen intend or payout plan; as well as equipment information for approval should be provided from listed engineering office. For Opening a restaurant in sharjah here is an example of guidelines. It is very vital to acquire letter of NOC before starting the work from Sharjah Municipality Public health department. Owner of Restaurant may face strong action in case you fail to obey.

Large number of expats and foreign visitors

But the scenario of restaurant business enlargement doesn’t rely wholly on the local Emirati population. Every year, overseas tourists in millions visit UAE because of world’s best tourism opportunities. No doubt, the majority of the visitors from overseas live in hotels; but the majority of them like to stay in inexpensive hotels; that do not present facilities of dining or only offer basic food items. These visitors from out of the country would also like to enjoy their stay in UAE; they are pleasing delicious, economical as well as modern food items in restaurants.

It means that these restaurants can also be a cause of attraction for overseas citizens; if they give full luxury, delicious and exclusive food items. Owners who are looking for how to open restaurant in sharjah can draw more and more local and overseas tourists; they are presenting a variety of food items consume in various countries and parts in the world.

Lots of foreigners also live in UAE, Apart from local and overseas population. These expats are generally from the countries of Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa. All these communal have their own preferred items of food; and the restaurants pleasing the requirement of these expats; that can also raise the opportunity in the expansion of their business.

Incentives provide by UAE for opening a restaurant in sharjah

Expat are welcome in UAE to establish a restaurant in the free zone and in main land. Free zones giving absolute liberty from tax and duty along with the provision of 100% ownership; but your restaurant must be located inside the specific free zones; and you have to stand by the rules of your preferred free zone. On the other hand, the investor from overseas can only have 49% share in the restaurant in main land; but such business will also be free of taxes; and provides quite a lot of liberties of business that are not existing in the free zones.

You can get your license of food from side to side the Department of Food & Safety while there are other departments like economic development and tourism from where, you can apply for your License of Trade. The UAE govt. also provides supplementary permits for special food items like Ramadan permit; pork permit, delivery permit and liquor permit etc.

Importance of Location for opening a restaurant in sharjah

You may demolish your business if you choose the wrong location for your business; even in a business friendly place like UAE. Therefore, to know and then selecting right place for opening your restaurant is very significant for investors. The ideal places are the tourist spots to form a restaurant. There are lots of locations in UAE; you can easily construct your restaurant in one of these spots. But if you are waiting for some time then you can also book place in the under construction tourist locations. It is not only cheap but you can also choose location of your choice in these areas.

You should also well aware the priority of residents where you are forming your restaurant. E.g. your need to provide dishes of vegetarian in case the people in the surrounding area of your restaurant are Indians; as many among them are vegetarians. In case of Chinese residents, you must provide Chinese dishes in your menu; while meat dishes are favorite by local population and westerners.