How to start a business in UAE free zone

Last updated on December 4, 2021

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How to start a business in UAE free zone

Many entrepreneurs afraid from investing in the UAE; due to the rule of having a UAE national as a partner with 51% shares owned by them. For this reason, free zones have become an admire region; where people are searching how to start a business in UAE free zone because of 100% foreign ownership is permitted. A free zone, or free trade zone, is a region with particular tax-free status and little trade barriers where commodities can be manufactured, imported and exported, handled or reconfigured without paying any customs duty. Free trade zones are normally situated in strategic geographical locations like national borders, international airports as well as major seaports, to make the most of trading compensation.

The UAE gov’t has form several free zones in the Emirates, each designed for a particular business activity. UAE free trade zones present lucrative facilities to non-resident corporate; like the expediency of single window administration, no bureaucratic formalities, and 100% ownership. There are almost 44 free trade zones in all over UAE; which attract overseas direct investment in the form of 200,000 companies contributing to the GDP growth. The free trade zones differ in their focus, formation costs and paperwork required, but the essential requirements are the same.

Benefits for how to start a business in UAE free zone

There are several benefits of opening a business in UAE. But the UAE free zones present some extra advantages if an investor decides to establish a business in one of the free zones. They are:

  • 100% exemption from corporate and personal as well as income taxes
  • Exemption from all sorts of import and export duties
  • Low cargo charges
  • 100% repatriation of investment and profits
  • Flexibility to work 24/7
  • Easy start-up as well as licensing procedures
  • 3-year UAE residence visa
  • Freehold offices accessible for sale or lease
  • broadminded government policies and legal framework
  • rich and inexpensive energy
  • 100% free transfer of finances  and no overseas exchange controls
  • Inexpensive labor force  as well as easy recruitment process
  • well organize communication procedures and single window administration
  • The well-timed as well as streamlined immigration process
  • 100% overseas ownership
  • Sponsorship as well as visas for an reasonably priced skilled workforce
  • Ready-made offices and factories  as well as warehouses
  • exceptional industry clustering as well as purpose-built road and rail network
  • No limitations on hiring expatriates

Types of Licenses: how to start a business in UAE free zone

Business set up in UAE free zones is partial without procuring a business license. Following types of business licenses can be gained by applicants in the UAE free zones:

  1. General Trading License

Permit investors to trade in all kinds of products

  1. Trading/Commercial License

Grants a time-bound authorization to carry out industrial and commercial or consulting activities

  1. Service License

Permits law firms and accounting firms as well as business consultancy firms to operate

  1. Industrial License

Allows importing raw materials and manufacturing goods as well as exporting finished products across global boundaries

  1. Warehousing License

Investors can gain this license to avail warehousing facilities on lease for distribution and packaging as well as storage of goods

  1. Manufacturing License

Allows applicants to manufacture goods

Types of Entities Allow for how to start a business in UAE free zone

Business formation in the UAE free zones is soft and stress-free, as the Emirates government has eased the company formation procedure in the UAE to attract maximum overseas investors with the minimum capital investment.

There are generally 3 types of entities one can form in the UAE free trade zones, namely,

  • Branch of an overseas or local company
  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE), with a single shareholder
  • Free Zone Company (FZC), with 2 to 5 shareholders

How to start a business in uae free zone

How to start a business in UAE free zone is not subject to the commercial company’s law. Free zones in the UAE are outside the UAE and have rules and regulation lay down by concerned free zone authorities. These free zones offer a brilliant business opportunity for investors from all around the globe and offer a liberal working environment and simple company formation procedures. The procedure is natural and simple.

How to start a business in uae free zone

Determine the type of legal entity

Determine that what type of entity you wish for to form in any of the free zones. The capital requirement for such entity depends upon that meticulous free zone where you desire to form a company; for example, there is no minimum capital requirement for creation a business in twofour54, whereas in Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ) you are supposed to have a smallest amount share capital requirement of AED 150,000.

Choose a trade name

After deciding the type of authorized entity, decide a trade name for your company. Note that you must cross-check with the relevant free zone authority about the allowed trade names and whether the proposed name has already been registered.

Apply for a business license

After choosing a trade name and registering the same in the free zone authority’s entrance, you must apply for a business license. The list of the different business licenses issued by the free zone establishment has been mentioned above. The type of business license depends on the primary activity of your business. You require to submit the supporting documents while applying for the license.

Choose an office space

Free zone authorities offer flex-desk office service to support start-ups. You can either buy or lease office spaces in free zones. Office requirements depend on the number of staff and nature of business activity of your company.

Get pre approval, register your business, and get the license

Obtain the initial approval and the associated business approvals from the specific authorities, register your business at the portal, and acquire your license. It will just take 2-4 weeks to find done with this process. Once you acquire the license, you are good to begin your business.

How to start a business in UAE free zone

How to start a business in UAE free zone: A non free zone company cannot be own exclusively by an overseas national; that is one of the main reasons why worldwide investors throng to UAE free zones for business investment. Apart from this, there are a lot of advantages for setting up their business in free zones. Profitable incentives and the large spectrum of opportunities provided to investors is what make free zones in the UAE the most favorite areas for establishing a business. There are a small number of reasons listed below as to why one must form a business in the UAE.

A Wide Range of Business Licenses and Activities

A company in the UAE free zone is allow to take on in a variety of business activities; with large number of licenses. The only thing is UAE free zone companies are not allow to engage in is the insurance business.

  1. Confidentiality

A free zone company is allow to the high level of privacy adopted in the UAE; about the identity of its owners and directors as well as activities within acceptable international standards.

  1. Bank Account and Registered Office

A free zone company is allow to have a register office at the site of the free zone area; Furthermore, one can open a bank account anywhere outside the UAE.

It takes almost a week to complete the UAE free zone company setup process, and around 2 to 3 weeks to get a UAE residence visa when an applicant contacts us for support and guidance. We are a registered business, well knowledgeable of the company formation rules and regulations in the Middle East, and have been serving companies gain a footing in the United Arab Emirates since 2006.

Which Free zone is more economical to setup a company?

Respond to above depend upon a number of factors including the following:-

  • Nature as well as size of the operations.
  • Activity & Facility mandatory (E-Office/ Furnished Office/Warehouse/Land)
  • Visa required(depending upon the rent and size of the office)
  • Location as well as space required

Can a Free zone company do trading with Mainland?

Free Zone Company can carry out trading with mainland companies; that is exporting commodities from free zone to mainland as well as vice versa. They have to obey with the Customs procedures and pay relevant levies applicable.

What are the things which we c will take care of along with the company formation?
  • Along with company set up we will provide you services for Bank Account opening.
  • To get PO Box for your new company setup.
  • Telephone as well as Fax connection has to be applied.
  • We can also assist you in visas if it is requires
What will be the time span for completion of process & obtaining Trade License and other Legal documents of Company?

Time for getting Trade License also depends on a variety of factors. So for Dubai and Abu Dhabi Free zones, the time to get Trade License varies from 7 days to 15 days. Furthermore for Northern Emirates free zones, it takes only 2 days to obtain the Trade License.

Can a foreigner hand over the whole formation of company to a consultant?

Yes, here comes the significance of us. We are experts in giving a single window solution to all the above. Furthermore we are accepting yearly retainer ship; where will take care of all the matters of your company; including the renewal of license.

Should the Owners visit UAE to set up Company?

We can also register the company in free zone without the existence of owner in the UAE. However the owner has to call for ONE day to sign up documents for opening bank account.