Import code in Dubai

Last updated on January 13, 2022

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Import code in Dubai

Import code Dubai is a registration of an import and export companies with Dubai Custom department; that import and export commodities from Dubai and into Dubai. When an import code is issue to a company then that company can exercise it throughout their life; but it need renewal after each year. Therefore, we as a business consultant suggest it to our customer to acquire a code; despite of if they require it at the moment or not.

IEC Stands for IMPORTER EXPORTER CODE that contains numbers issued by the custom of Dubai. If any legal company wants to start his operation as an import or export; and want to transfer any goods then they need to get an IEC number.

Regulations for how to get import code in Dubai

  • You are not allow to export or import until and unless you get an Importer Exporter Code (IEC) Number. So no import or an export are allow before taking a proper code from custom department.
  • Only a head office (if a group of company want to apply for  code) can apply for an IEC;
  • An Import and Export Code Number allotted to an applicant; shall be applicable for all its branches / units / divisions / factories as point out on the IEC number.
  • If you lost the code or misplace your Dubai Import Code Number; then you can also apply for the duplicate copy of IEC number.
  • If you do not want to use the IEC number any more; then he may ask for to cancel the same by taking on board the issuing authority. On receipt of such intimation, the issuing authority shall straight away inform all the RBI; and Customs as well as Licensing authorities that the suppose import code Dubai has become inoperative.

Dubai customs registration

All traders who wish for to import and export goods to Dubai; they must need to know how to get import code in Dubai; and how to register their company with Dubai Customs; and acquire a code for clearance of goods. In order to get a code, it’s essential for company to have a legal trading or commercial license; that issues a competent authority in UAE. A company can register itself for more than one product; only if they have a valid license for execution the same product in Dubai.

How to get import code in Dubai

In order to get a custom code in Dubai you need to submit an application through “Dubai Trade Portal”. But note that to apply for code; you need the following docs.

  • A copy of a valid trade license
  • Also a Passport copy of the authorize person
  • Chamber of commerce certificate
  • An also an undertaking letter

Once you provide all these then authority will create the Import Code online; only when they analyze the application. Once you obtain the import code you can use it for one year; after that you require to renew it yearly; and also note it will not be renew until and unless your trade license are not renew from relevant authority.

Dubai import code renewal

Dubai import code renewal requires submitting an application through Dubai Trade Portal. Our team of consultant will assist you in Dubai import code renewal.

Dubai Custom Code Registration Assistance

We are facilitating our customers with import export company setup; as well as with acquiring Import export code from custom department. We are in the services of providing the following key services:

  • We assist in the formation of import export license in Dubai
  • produce new import as well as Export code
  • Import code renewal in Dubai
  • Company registration in Chamber of Commerce
  • Company registration in Dubai municipality
  • Item registration in Dubai municipality

Customs Code Registration Cost / fee Dubai

Please do contact us for cost details as well as stress free assistance in how to get import code; and import code renewal.