Professional license in Dubai

Last updated on July 13, 2022

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Professional license in Dubai

A professional license in Dubai is a firm whose performance are get from the intellectual efforts; as well as capacity of the partners. For example, a law firm is a specialized company; since their activities depend on the academic qualifications as well as the understanding of its lawyers.

To make sure that UAE companies remain professional, the government needs that all shareholders have educational qualifications; and follow the right procedures on professional firm set up in Dubai.

The UAE remains admired among overseas investors. Multi national firm has open their branches in Dubai and other emirates in the UAE to increase their international customers.

Nevertheless, the emirate has special rules which lead the behavior of companies. For example, professional service providers can only apply for particular trade licenses. Also, the gov’t monitors the service provider resources and marketing tools; such as websites as well as advertisements content; so that to make sure fulfillment with the cultural and professional manner.

A number of the professional license in Dubai requires the achievement of further qualifications as well as exam. On the other hand, the emirate has implemented a variety of actions to facilitate order and clearness in the application and presentation of business. They have recognized clear guidelines which classify the different types of business and the requirements.

About Professional License in Dubai

Unlike industrial as well as commercial licenses, a professional license in Dubai offer 100% ownership for expat investors; permitting them the reward of an exclusive proprietorship. However, it is compulsory to hire a UAE national as a local service representative to complete the judicial official procedure. The representative does not have any direct involvement in the company, apart from charging a fixed yearly fee for the service offered. They will have no equity and are also not legally responsible to pay for the liabilities of the company. One has to approach the DED to obtain a professional license as it control all the activities allied to licenses in Dubai.

How to Get a Professional License in Dubai

The first and leading step while applying for a professional license in Dubai is to make a clear picture of the activities undertaken in one’s business. The next stage would be to hire a local service agent who would take care of all the legal rules and regulations in order to get the professional license in Dubai. After the appointment, acquire an initial approval from the DED (Department of Economic Development). Apart from it, you have to preserve a name for the business (pay a fee for the same) and then submit all the essential documents to the DED for approval.

Procedure to Get a Professional License in Dubai

  • Fill the local service agreement form with the UAE national from a local translator as well as get the form attested from a public notary service
  • Legal translator seal has not compulsory if the agreement is in Arabic
  • Make a MOA( Memorandum of Association) with the sponsor
  • Mention the sponsor’s near the beginning fee in the agreement
  • If you are receiving a license for a civil company then you require to fill one more application form and get it attested
  • All the partners / owners have to be present at the notary to sign the court agreement
  • obtain approval from the municipality for the tenancy contract
  • Submit each and every  form with attestation (one original copy each)
  • Submit passport copies of owner / partners as well as NOC for expatriate owner/partners (if any), at any branch of the DED
  • Make payment at the counter and obtain the license; a payment voucher would be issued at the same time

Moreover, vital points related to firm set up in Dubai Mainland

  • It can be 100% owned by expatriate shareholders
  • A UAE national is necessary as a service agent
  • UAE national does not hold any share in the company
  • As a service representative, the UAE national receives fixed yearly charges
  • There is no minimum share capital requirement
  • A degree, experience as well as applicable certificates for shareholders are mandatory
  • For more than one shareholder, the specialized companies can be formed and it is nominated as civil company
  • Renting office and obtaining Ejari is obligatory
  • Some of the fields in professional firm set up in Dubai include; management consultancy license, IT consultancy, legal consultancy, administrative services, accountancy services and educational services.
  • Professional companies can also go for a restricted liability legal structure by adding up a UAE national as 51% shareholder. In such case, the company will be designated as LLC and the foreign investor can hold only 49% of shares

Professional firm set up in Dubai

This kind of company set up is known as a professional firm set up in Dubai; which allow its owner to perform his profession as its major operation; and that they exercise more than on profiting from the business of others. On the starting point the professional firm set up in Dubai are form between professionals; or partisans and perform non-commercial activities. The firms, that are register as professional firm and may only practice particular activities; that include rendering the services of officially permitted practice as well as consultancy; auditing, organizing as well as keeping accounting records and books, civil engineering; managerial and economic consultancy and studies, architecture consultancies as well as services; technical services, medical and curative services and educational services as well as other parallel services.

Our Services Include for professional license in Dubai

  • Prepare comprehensive corporate documentation (MOA, POA, AOA etc)
  • Fulfill compulsory management protocols
  • Account maintenance as well as verification
  • understanding of registered working space with all the amenities as per specification
  • Provision of suitable level of man power where necessary
  • Personalized office combo services
  • We place reliable local sponsors or local service agents for the entities
  • Company registration amendments
  • Feasibility study report & Business Plan
  • Organizing special meetings with authorities
  • Renewal of License
  • Accounts and Auditing service
  • All kind of PR services (Ministry of Labor & Immigration etc)

Our services for professional firm set up in Dubai

  • Free bank account opening
  • Free legal consultation

Consideration as well as abiding by the regulations and requirement promotes the probability of success in professional license in Dubai.

Investors who reward of our line of consultation & business setup consultant to register a professional firm set up in Dubai decrease their chances of running into conflicts with the state’s administration. Furthermore, we provide our customers with relevant information which they can use as the foundation for their business strategies.

Additionally, we can connect the company with other trust worthy service provider firm in Dubai; so that to facilitate their logistics and make sure effectiveness in the management of their affairs. Finally, our consultancy services offer precise and real time data; that our customers can use to establish the reliability of their businesses.