Spa license in Dubai or beauty therapist license Dubai

Last updated on May 26, 2022

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Spa license in Dubai

There are two important things that put Dubai apart from majority of other cities in the world. It has a huge expat population (far more citizens); and also many of the residents of Dubai are enjoying high standard of life. Most of the people in Dubai (both residents and millions of tourists that visit Dubai each year); can easily afford and are ready to spend some money to have good looks. This is especially important for females as they are the ones who give more importance to their beauty and looks. This is surely gives rise to an important business activity in Dubai, establishment of spa license in Dubai. According to the culture and lifestyle of Dubai, majority of the spa license in Dubai are only for women. But you can also find spa license in Dubai  for men as well.

The condition of Dubai clearly indicates that there is a bundle of demand for such business activity. At present, large numbers of spa license in Dubai are already operating in different corners of Dubai; but there is a big room for other as well due to the arrival of expats and tourists; and their interest in new fashion. Because of merge population, beauty experts of international fashion; and style have bunch of opportunities to try their art on people from different demographics.

Beauty therapist license Dubai

It is possible to start a spa license in Dubai either in mainland; or any of the numerous free zones present in Dubai. But it is more suitable to open a spa in Dubai mainland; because, it will provide more contact from population of Dubai. This sort of service is projected for areas with more population; and therefore it can better work in Dubai mainland; where you can easily attract more clients.

You can also pick to choose the size and type of spa according to the area; where you are going to open your business. You can have a small spa in Bur Dubai; or you can go for a luxurious and high cost salon setup in Dubai in areas like Jumeirah.

How to open a spa in Dubai

For the procedure of How to open a spa in Dubai; you have to contact a number of authorities (DED, DM etc.) and file a number of documents. Following are the brief list of steps that are essential for establishment of beauty therapist license dubai.

  1. Submit copies of passport and visit visa of business partners
  2. choose name for spa business and take its approval from Department of Economic Development (DED)
  3. Get initial approval also from DED
  4. Appoint LSA (local service agent) and draft and sign the MOA (memorandum of association)
  5. Rent a spa shop and acquire tenancy contract and Ejari number from relevant authorities
  6. obtain approval from planning section and health & safety division of the DM Dubai Municipality)
  7. After submission of all the approved documents, you can gather spa license license from DED

This is a to hard and bit lengthy process for those who are doing this for the first time; or those who don’t have the experience of such course. But there is nothing difficult for us to endorse the application of starting spa license in Dubai. We have years of experience in dealing with a variety of company registration; and all kinds of business setup in the emirate including beauty therapist license Dubai.

How to open a spa in Dubai

  • The planning department of Dubai Municipality should approve the site of the spa license.
  • There should be a signboard positioned in front of the spa license.
  • The lighting used in the spa should be enough and the furniture used should be clean and appropriate.
  • The height between the ceiling and the floor of the spa license should be more than 2.30m.
  • There should be a separate area chosen for beauty treatments like a pedicure, manicure, hair removing and henna designing. The size of each such area should be more than 2.50m x 1.50m with a appropriate partition.
  • There should be a wash basin near the area for facial treatments.
  • Fire proof materials should be made use of for preparation area for hair removing materials.
  • The spa license should necessarily have a water heater in place.
  • There should be cupboards and drawers to keep cosmetics and towels.

Basics to Consider for spa license in Dubai

Before you make a decision to get a spa license in Dubai; it is essential that you are clear on the fundamentals before you make that decision.

  • Type of Spa: Decide on whether you require a urban spa only; or would you also be providing additional services like Eco; hair straitening, pedicures and so on. Next, decide if you are searching to cater to a definite demographic
  • Spa Business Options: think about whether you desire to build your own spa from scratch; or you wish to buy a hair spa franchise or buying an already functioning spa. Decide the legal structure – whether you are interested to own it or become a partner in the business.
  • License and Permits: Make sure you have all the local permits as well as license like a basic license; no objection certificate and other such essential certifications that are needed for smooth behavior of your business. Be aware of the rules as well as regulations; and it is also sensible to invest in a fine insurance policy; that can protect your business against law suits.
  • Finances: Estimate your opening costs before you start your business; and also plan how to be securing the finances for your spa business; and its development at a later stage.
  • Location Hunting: If you are planning to run your spa from your housing premises; you require permission from the DED. If not, you can come across to set up your business in a reasonable location.