How to renew trade license in Dubai

Last updated on January 13, 2022

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How to renew trade license in Dubai

It is obligatory for each and every investor in Dubai to renew their Trade License on yearly basis. That why owner of the company are searching for how to renew trade license in Dubai. According to the UAE set of laws the license is a legal certificate; which allows an investor to connect in the events list within the license. But there is a question that how to renew trade license in Dubai; you must not be worry as We are there to assist you; that is in each and every  legal matter; so that you can focus on your core business.

If you are doing business in Dubai with a legal trade license; then trade license renewal in Dubai is one of the most vital tasks. Receiving a business license renewal could be a long process in Dubai; if you are not familiar with the process; then it will not be an easy task. Delay in applying for the Dubai trade license renewal has some severe impacts; including freezing all of your business actions, may ban your business license as well as levies sentence.

Trade License Renewal in Dubai

Without renewing the Trade License no one can perform any business in Dubai. It also offers that you can alter business detail like your sponsor as well as business address; if it require during the renewal of Dubai trade license. We are there to help you in the process of how to renew trade license in Dubai. We will also inform you from time to time reminders when the renewal of your license is due.

Business setup can guide you in Dubai for all your officially authorized matters; as we have wide experience and deep knowledge of local business; that facilitate us to understand the exceptional and central needs of your business. There for we are in position to suggest the best possible options; that how to make sure the smooth administration of your business with lowest amount hassles and risks.

We are providing services for Dubai trade license renewal; which is from initial point till the end. In fact it is one of our center services provide your trade license renewal in Dubai timely and professionally.

Documents for a normal Trade License Renewal in Dubai

  • The occupancy Contract & Ejari is requiring for normal trade license renewal in Dubai.
  • A form should be type for Renewal of normal Dubai trade license.
  • Passport copy of each and every Partners are requiring for normal trade license in Dubai.

How to renew trade license in Dubai for Branch of a Foreign Company

  • To renew the license for a branch of an overseas company Original Certificate of Good Standing is necessary to be provide (issued by the Registrar of Companies in that jurisdiction the parent company is incorporated to make sure existence and permanence of the parent company) [copy will be accepted if notarized].
  • The Copy of the legitimate Lease Agreement is obligatory under the Branch Company name.
  • Copy of the Fee Receipt is also essential for the renewal of foreign company branch at Dubai.

How to renew trade license in Dubai for Branch of a UAE Company

  • A copy of suitable Trade License of the parent company; is requires for renewal of trade license in Dubai.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) is requiring from the relevant Authority; (if applicable) for the renewal of a UAE company branch.
  • The Copy of the valid Lease Agreement under the Branch Company name ought to be providing.
  • For the renewal of branch of UAE Company a Copy of Fee Receipt shall be provide.

How to renew trade license in Dubai

A company can renewed their license in three easy steps by taking a number of online and offline portals of the DED, these steps are as following.

Tenancy contract for license renewal

It is significant to know that your tenancy contract is legitimate from the date of application till three months. Ensure you have properly checked your tenancy contract; before you can apply for the trade license renewal. If your tenancy contract is not valid at this stage then no need to be worried; you can precede its renewal as well, as these are very vital for license renewal. But please ensure that the tenancy must be attested from the EJARI. Dubai company have to go prior for the renewal course of their tenancy contract; earlier than submitting renewal application of their trade License in Dubai.

Submit application for license renewal

At Second step of trade license renewal in Dubai; We, on behalf of your company will handles the situation and will submit application; in company with all required documents. We will insure that the documents submitted are accurate from all aspects; and we will also make sure that it will not take your precious time.

Payment voucher for license renewal

The third and final stage for the renewal of trade license in Dubai is to get voucher of payment and make the payments properly. We facilitate the process of payment in the absence of share holders of the company at the Gov’t service centers. There are two conditions for getting payment voucher; if there is separate office space; then you will be receiving voucher within 3 to 4 days. If the office space is share between 2 or more companies; then it will take up to 7 working days.

You will obtain a renewal license as soon as you make sure the payments; at this step you will be able to receive your license.

How to renew trade license in Dubai Online

An online portal has been launch in recent times where companies can make renewal of their trade licenses online. However it requires the owners of company to establish prior accounts for the renewal. The owners of the company can make online account. The portal also has the choice for the owners to make online payment; but please note that the registration payment account should be with the title of the owner name; in the online portal company.

The method mentioned above is for simple renewal; the process is completely different for renewing your license under a new sponsor or new tenancy in Dubai.

Note: A copy of the trade license of the parent company is obligatory; that is for branch of UAE, GCC, Free zone and overseas companies. You will be given a payment voucher or a transaction number upon submitting the required documents; that you will utilize as a reference whenever you pay.

You will have to pay AED 200 monthly as fine after expiry date; the license ought to be renewed before its date of expiry.