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Last updated on February 9, 2023

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deeJAFZA company formation

A JAFZA company formation is a great sign and a major contributor. That is in the development as well as economic success of Dubai. Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) offers businesses extraordinary growth opportunities. Over the years, JAFZA company formation has been inviting some of the prime as well as most reputed player; across numerous industries from its unique, value-added business profits.

We have decades of experience in supporting clients with JAFZA company formation in a tax free jurisdiction; including Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority. Our business setup services in Dubai come complete with the preparation; review and attestation along with submission of articles of association, as well as all essential company documents.

Our business setup consultants in Dubai have done thousands of formations over the years. That is from the simple corporate firm to the most difficult and large JAFZA company formation.

Jebel Ali Free Zone was launch in 1985; as a part of the idea of His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum; after which it took decade to become mature. And also business platform that is prepared for today. Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority has started their process; with 19 companies as well as develop itself in very speedy and strong way. Nowadays Jebel Ali Free Zone reaches to over 8,000 companies. And still trying to expand. In the last 10 years; Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority has gotten fourfold growth in its number of customers.

Company formation in Jebel Ali free zone

Today, Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority is a very much self-motive base for a numbers of companies; which is from all over the globe. Which is more than 100 countries; filling over 135,000 employments and fascinating more than 20% of the UAE’s overseas direct investment. Also it is holding 50% of Dubai’s entire exports; with a outstanding value for trade of $69 billion.

Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority consistent progress can be attributed to our uncompromising initiatives. Technologically, we can say that online communication is the important part of the business. Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority introduces their online communication system in early 1988.

In 2007 Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority start the major CRM system in the region. It is conducting near up to a million transactions in a year; which is covering visas, licenses and leases and also other service.

Such drive for brilliance was first pleased in 1996; when Jebel Ali Free Zone became the first free zone to acquire ISO certification. So keep the pace with such success; Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority has acquired the Dubai (DGEP) Government Excellence Program in 2004. And also the Dubai Quality Award in (2005 and 2010).

Types of company formation in Jebel Ali free zone

A Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority provides you one of the best supports; which you need to practice your business; along with an extensive range of choices; which giving you the choice to pick the best track for your personal requirements. In order to do company formation in Jebel Ali free zone. So an investor will choice one of the following types:

  • Free Zone Company (FZCo).
  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)
  • Branch; for existing company who wish to set up a base in Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Once you choose your business type. Then it is an easy task to define your activity. And which is the license you will need. Whether you require a trading service or Industrial license; Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority makes the process easy as well as cost effective.

Jebel Ali free zone company (FZCO)

FZCo is a kind of company formation in Jebel Ali free zone; where allow more than one owner to set up a business. In this type of a company you need a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 owners. And also note that owners can be a single person or it can be a company; such type of a company in the free zone form as a LLP.

Jebel Ali free zone establishment (FZE)

FZE is a sort of company formation in Jebel Ali free zone; where only one owner is allow to set up a business. Owner can be a single person or it can be a corporate (company). This type of a Dubai free zone company formation is basically a LLP within the Free Zone.

Jebel Ali free zone branch of a Company

A branch setup in Dubai is a legal object of its mother company. Which is a company set up outside of the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority; may also open a branch within Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Advantages of JAFZA free zone company formation

JAFZA suggestions for many incentives to make doing business with us easy as well as profitable.

  • Get 100% of overseas ownership in JAFZA company formation; which is the capability to operate your business as an entirely own entity; without any requirement for local sponsor.
  • At this stage let me tell you one more advantage; that why customer is very keen for jafza free zone. Or you can say one more solid point that you need to keep in mind. And I think it is the most important point for jafza free zone; which is 0% of corporate tax for a period of 50 years.
  • Company formation in Jebel Ali free zone offer 0% of import as well as export tax.
  • It has an onsite Customs.
  • 0% income tax on earnings gain; is also one of the good point of Jafza free zone.
  • It has no currency limitations
  • It has no limitation on repatriation of a capital; as well as on Income.
  • No restriction on hiring overseas employees
  • A company formation in Jebel Ali free zone; that has built its own facility; may mortgage its premises to all banks or also to financing company; for all of their high or whatever debts.
  • Access to a rich energy; that make it a very cost-effective as well as very easy for clients to conduct production.

JAFZA Company formation license types

The type of a business license that you require to run a company formation in Jebel Ali Free Zone; it does depend on the nature of an activity; that your business are plans to carry out in its business park; or in a free trade zone. There are 3 central type of a business license in Jafza free zone:

  • Jafza free zone Service License
  • Jafza free zone Trading License
  • Industrial License for Jafza Ali free zone

Jafza free zone Service License for JAFZA company formation

A JAFZA company formation allows the owner of a service license; to continue with the services specified on the license. This type of license allow services; Such as a logistics services, a freight forwarding services, along with it allow an aviation services etc.  Service license is use for a professional service.

Trading License for JAFZA company formation

JAFZA company formation allows the owner of the Trading License to import as well as export; along with trade and also store items which is in the trade license. Furthermore, let me tell you more things; which is, there is a General Trading License; that permits the holder of the license to access a wide range of activities; and also a wider range of items on the license. Generally, a General Trading License is more expensive than that of a sample trading license.

Industrial License for JAFZA company formation

JAFZA company formation allows the holder to import raw materials; and also perform the manufacturing of specified products; and also export of the finished manufactured goods. In addition, there is also a National Industrial License; which is issue to manufacturing companies with at least 51% of share to UAE sponsor. This is a type of license that allows the owner; to have the same status as a UAE local; or A GCC in the UAE. NIL is otherwise backup for unit operating from the mainland of UAE.

Company formation in Jebel Ali free zone

As an investor you can take one or more option from the variety of facilities; that can cater to all business requirements.

  • JAFZA free trade zone offer an onsite residence for labors.
  • Jafza One is a commercial complex that host several offices for rent; with panoramic views of Jebel Ali free zone, Jebel Ali Port, Sheik Zayed Road as well as Palm Jebel Ali.
  • Customized Development solutions offers investors with flexibility as well as efficiency with designing and delivering build to suit facilities
  • Plots of Lands
  • Warehouses
  • Showrooms
  • Work Stations
  • Offices
  • Retail Spaces / Outlets

The following costs must be taken into consideration when going for company formation in Jebel Ali free zone:

Jebel Ali free zone license fee

Trading License: For maximum 7 products from one group, license fee if AED 5,500. For maximum 12 products from two groups, license fee is AED 9,000.00. A Service License for branch of a UAE base company is AED 8,000.00.

The cost of a general trading license in Dubai Jebel Ali is AED 30,000.00

The cost of an industrial License For maximum 7 products from one group is AED 5,500. For maximum 12 products from two groups, license fee is AED 9,000.00.

Registration Fee

FZCo – AED 15,000.00

FZE- AED 10,000.00

Branch of a company- AED 5,000.00

Office facilities for company formation in JAFZA

  • In the first place, let me tell you that getting visa is relies on the size of the office. 9 sq. ft size of office will enable you for one (1) visa.
  • Office in Business Park cost ranges between AED 23,000 – AED 30,000 per office.
  • Also office place in other Jafza buildings cost ranges from AED 2,000 per sq.m. to AED 2,500 per sq.m.
  • Warehouses as well as Industrial Units are from AED 25.00 per sq.m to AED 600 per sq.m.
  • where as Showrooms price ranges from AED 700.00 per sqm. To AED 1,000 per sq.m
  • Also for retails spaces/ outlets the cost is available upon request from JAFZA.

All fees are the subject for extra 5% Value Added Tax (VAT) as well as exclude Third party approval cost, if required.

Establishment card for company formation in JAFZA

The JAFZA company formation need to have this card so that to enable the company to register in Labor. The cost of this card is around AED 1,890.00

Residence visa for company formation in JAFZA

The residence visa in JAFZA is useable for three (3) years. The costs of each and every visa also rely on the status of your current location; whether you are taking place inside or outside the UAE.

The cost for visa processing can be everywhere between AED 4,100 to AED 5,000.00

You need visa guarantee in JAFZA which must be add on top of the visa cost. And you also need to count medical test as well as Emirates ID application costwhen you computing the whole costs.