Company formation in hamriyah free zone
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Company formation in hamriyah free zone: Hamriyah free zone (HFZA free zone) is place in the middle of Sharjah; HFZA free zone was found in 1995. The key objective of Hamriyah free zone was to offer a trouble free business location; which is to the business starter. HFZA free zone provide a flexible as well as vibrant authority; that is to assurance an investor friendly zone for company setup in hamriyah free zone.

Sharjah is the one and only state of UAE; that have ports on both sides east and west as well; that is, that offer a direct entree to the Indian Sea. Sharjah is enjoying an airport; that connect you to more than 230 cities around the globe. Hamriyah free zone also manages more than 22 million square meters of land; which comprise of industrial as well as commercial land.

The objective of a company formation in hamriyah free zone is; that it is the most well organize as well as the most cost effective free trade zone. Thus majority of the investors are looking for the hamriyah free zone; as their base set up zone to acquire the advantages of cast effective zone and work profitably as well as safely.

Hamriyah Free Zone is ISO qualified free trade zone; which is for Sharjah free zone company formation; and it obtain many honors. The procedure of sharjah free zone company setup is according to the ISO standards. Hamriyah free zone company setup processes are easy as well as rational; which is making it possible for an investor to acquire the license within 24 hours; after submitting of all the documents.

Advantages of Hamriyah free zone company formation

  • Company formation in hamriyah free zone has an excessive edge; over the other free zone; due to its strategic location in the UAE.
  • License are issue in 2 days or less for Hamriyah free zone company
  • At this stage let me tell you one more advantage; which is 100% owner ship are permits to an expat in Company formation in hamriyah free zone
  • Hamriyah free zone has low setup costs
  • 100% free from Import and Export tax.
  • The HFZA free trade zone supports all free zone investors; that is for their business setup in Sharjah.
  • HFZ free trade zone provide many facilities to investors. That include the low set up cost; as well as 100% tax free; also bank account; and also 0% custom duty; as well as there is no currency moving limitation.
  • 100% Repatriation of capital as well as earnings is allowed
  • Hamriyah free zone has a very low labor costs
  • 100% Foreign company owner ship is tolerate; which is in Company formation in hamriyah free zone

Cost of Company Formation in Hamriyah Free Zone

One of the best factor which keep Hamriyah free zone; that is on the top of other free zones in UAE is its cost effectiveness. It means one can start a business at a lower cost; and can get same profits which are not available in the other free zone of UAE. Due to wide spread business opportunities along with low cost; Hamriyah free zone is particularly feasible for SMEs as well as micro firms. Apart from that, large industries are also sponsor due to the accessibility of warehouses.

for starting a business in sharjah free zone; there are two types of company formation in HFZ are free zone establishment (FZE) and Free Zone Company (FZC). For both these company structures, the minimum capital obligation is AED 150,000. In case of forming a branch of local or international company, there is no minimum capital required.

Types of company formation in Hamriyah free zone

Following are the 2 major types of company formation in Hamriyah free zone.

  • Free Zone Company (FZC); Hamriyah Free Zone Company is like FZE in all aspects. But the only different in both are the number of shareholders; which is FZC need two or more shareholders; while FZE need only one shareholder. two to a FZE only; but note that in FZC maximum 5 shareholders are permit.
  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE); Hamriyah free zone (FZE) need only one share holder; and it is a LLC company.

The types of Hamriyah free zone company registration

Following are the 3 major types of license allow in HFZA free zone.

  • Industrial License: This type of a license will allow you; that is to import raw materials for the purpose of manufacturing; processing and / or assembly of products.
  • Service License: Such kind of a license allows you to perform the services; that is are on the license; but within the Hamriyah Free Zone only.
  • Commercial License: This type of a license will allow you to sell; distribute, import and export; as well as store items that are allow on the license.

Documents required for business setup in hamriyah free zone

Documents required for fze / fzc

Individual share holder

  • A sign application form for HFZA free zone.
  • Bank Reference Letters for HFZA free zone.
  • Original Bank Share Capital Letter is require; that is if the share Capital is more than the License fees; otherwise it is not requires.
  • Shareholders Private Details; POA (if any) as well as clear copy of passport; that is validity of 6 months.
  • Passport copy & P.O.A for Manager and Director as well as for Secretary.

Corporate Share holder for Company formation in hamriyah free zone

  • Certificate of Incorporation; that is (COI) of mother Company, and along with an M.O.A of the Parent Company.
  • Applications forms accurately sign by the shareholder.
  • Letter from the shareholding company for the appointment of Manager.
  • Board Resolution calling for the formation of FZE / FZC in Hamriyah free zone; attachment of Specimen Signature, Passport copy & POA for Manager and Director as well as Secretary.
  • Original Bank Share Capital Letter is necessitate; that is if the share Capital is more than the License fees; otherwise it is not requires.

Documents required for Branch Company formation in hamriyah free zone

  • Application forms.
  • Letter from the mother company for the appointment of Manager.
  • Certificate of Good Standing or Certificate of Incorporation; MOA of the parent Company, Attachment of Specimen Signature; Passport copy & POA for Manager and Directors.
  • Board Resolution calling for the setup of a branch in Hamriyah free zone; and promise whole financial commitment.

Hamriyah free zone Company formation Cost for Offices in HFZ

In order to acquire an idea of the cost of Hamriyah free zone Company formation; it is essential to know the types of offices as well as facilities obtainable here. HFZ is offering several types of packages according to the type of business. Company formation cost mainly depends on the selection of these packages.

There are total five options which are available in Hamriyah Free Zone. The cost for all such packages is different as well as are further divided into various sub-packages.

E-office for Hamriyah free zone Company formation

There are three types of packages offered for such type of office. Package 1 can only be attained by a free zone company (FZC) with 2 to 4 shareholders. Like HBC offices, this package also permits up to 3 service activities or trading of 3 products category.

The 2nd as well as 3rd packages are open for FZE (with single shareholder); FZC (2-4 shareholders) and a branch of a company. 5 services or products along with 6 visas are permissible in package 2. General trading as well as investment along with 7 visas are available with package 3.

HBC Offices for Hamriyah free zone Company formation

A company with a single person can select such type of office. There are 2 packages obtainable in this category. Most of the structures are common in both these packages. They are obtainable with a commercial as well as service license. With this type of packages, three service activities or trading of up to 3 product categories are permissible.

The only difference between both these business arrangements is the number of visas one can apply for. A single visa can be applied with 1st package while the 2nd package permits provision of 4 visas. There is no condition for a bank letter for both of these packages. As there is a very small difference between these two packages, so the difference in cost is also bordering.

The cost of these three packages of e-office is different according to their features. Package 1 is the least expensive one while Package 3 is the most expensive package for businesses.

Executive Office for Hamriyah free zone Company formation

This is the most supreme office obtainable for company setup in sharjah Hamriyah free zone. There are 5 types of packages available in such type of office. An important change between these packages is the size of offices available. These offices are existing from 15 m2 to 40 m2 of sizes. Most of the other facilities are similar. Minimum additional charges of such offices (without visa cost) are AED 50,000.

Prime Industrial Land for company setup in Hamriyah free zone

If you need to build your own industry; then the land is also accessible in Hamriyah free zone for such a purpose. You can purchase plots as prime industrial land from 2,500 m2 in size. This land is accessible with a minimum price of AED 30/m2. A fixed land lease is existing for the first 10 years. Investors are permitted to develop up to 60% of the plots. All these factors help to develop your company on these plots.

Warehouse option for company setup in Hamriyah free zone

Warehouses are offered for large industrial units. Here in such option, one can acquire several packages according to the condition of the company. There are 3 packages accessible for warehouses. The sizes of all these packages are different; while there is a difference in the nature of facilities available for these packages.

Extra charges for a license; service fee and setup fee as well as refundable deposit are a minimum of AED 22,500. Warehouses are obtainable from 276 m2 to 614 m2 in sizes. There are a different number of offices as well as other facilities; available in these 3 different types of warehouse packages.