Catering license in Ajman

Last updated on December 2, 2021

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Catering license in Ajman

If you love of cooking but short of money then the ideal business you can establish is catering. It will cost far less than forming a hotel and restaurant but provides huge profit. It doesn’t take a large amount of money and you can use your capability for profit that can be twisted in to a stable business in future. UAE is a center for both large as well as small businesses and you can obtain superb opportunities for forming Catering license in Ajman. You can open your business in both mainland as well as specified free zones available in UAE. You can serve from 5 to 50 or even extra people per day with your Catering license in Ajman and these opportunities are broadly available in UAE. Following are the reasons which make catering a money making business in UAE.

Catering license in Ajman

  1. UAE is a place of functioning people (businessmen as well as job seekers) from all around the globe. The majority of these people have 9 am to 5 pm working hours’ job, during that they would like to eat from any minute restaurant or hotel. But there is also responsiveness about health among these people and they wish for to eat fresh as well as healthy food from home-based kitchen. You can without difficulty contact such people after establishment of your own Catering license in Ajman as well as can easily make handsome earnings by booking food for just a small number of people.
  2. Expats form approximately 85% of UAE population and the majority of these expats live without families which create the requirement of outside food for these expats. Apart from hoteling, the Catering license in Ajman can also flourish in this situation.
  3. There are huge numbers of visitors and tourists in UAE which gave increase for development of hotel business as these people prefer to live in these hotels. But not each and every of these hotels prepare food for their clients. The Catering license in Ajman can also grow by using these hotels as they (hotels) can use catering service to offer healthy and fresh food for their clients.
  4. UAE is well-known for huge wedding ceremonies as well as other events. People are served with number of varieties in food in these wedding ceremonies and they are sure of development of the Catering license in Ajman.

Things to Consider before starting Catering license in Ajman:

  • The points agree above shows that there are a lot of opportunities for Catering license in Ajman; like serving  customer in home, family parties and huge wedding ceremonies also offer food to restaurant. But in the opening, you must start on small scale; because it will not be easy for you to meet deadlines. You can begin with small birthday parties in your area; and then start to offer catering to big wedding parties after getting some experience.
  • Kitchen is a compulsory place for your catering license in Ajman; as you will prepare the nearly all important food there. But you can select between home or a full time kitchen for this purpose. In the beginning, you will only require a small kitchen; and a small home kitchen can full fill such a requirements. But you will require a big kitchen after spreading of your catering license in Ajman. In such case, a straight forward and cheaper option is commercial kitchen; which can be rented for few hours or a day. But if your business setup in Ajman is constantly booming; then you will need a traditional renting of a big kitchen.
  • A truly important thing to consider in catering and all other business is the business plan; the estimation of cost like rent and bills as well as equipment etc; and the rates of catering services according to the cast. This business plan will not only assist you to charge suitable for your services; that are inexpensive for your customers and also fulfill your requirements.

Marketing of catering business in Ajman

Cooking is the most central part of Catering business in Ajman; but it is not the only main issue; marketing your business has the same importance as cooking food. You can market your business by means of tactics like e-commerce (websites and blogs); business cards as well as brochures along with other traditional marketing methods. Providing quality service will also act as your marketing strategy; because a happy clients will refer your services to their friends as well as relatives; that can easily facilitate progress of your business.

Catering Kitchens requirements:

  • Adding to the general requirements mentioned before:
  • The area must not be less than (1000) square feet. Area of Kitchen must be 50% of total whichever is larger
  • Early washing as well as disinfecting area with Special door for getting food items away from the main entrance.
  • Offer initial washing area for vegetables supply with double bowl stainless steel sink; and disinfectant as well as a drier before storing.
  • All food items shall be stored in an good temperature; and room temperature or chilled not more than 4˚C or frozen not less than -18˚C.
  • Provide area for preparing vegetables supplied with Double bowl stainless steel sink.
  • Stainless steel table.
  • Separate refrigerator.
  • Stainless steel hand wash basin supplied with hot and cold water, liquid soap as well as tissue papers.
  • Provide an isolated place for preparing meat supplied with Double bowl stainless steel sink.
  • Electrical saw cutting for frozen meat. Stainless steel hand wash basin supply with hot and cold water and liquid soap as well as tissue papers.

Catering Kitchens requirements

  • Provide a separate area for preparing fish supplied with double bowl stainless steel sink.
  • Electrical saw cutting for frozen fish.
  • Stainless steel hand wash basin supplied with hot and cold water, liquid soap as well as tissue papers.
  • Isolated area for sorting and washing as well as soaking cereals like rice in water.
  • The cooking area shall be isolated from the washing area and shall be supplied with stainless steel tables.
  • Separate area for packing the prepared food.
  • A cooking area shall be provided, with a chimney set above it. The chimney shall be 2-meters higher than the adjacent building.( approval from environment department )
  • Provide an electric heating device for food to maintain cocked foods hot (above 65 C). (Bain Marie, hot plate).
  • Stainless steel sink appropriate for big utensils supplied with hot as well as cold water.
  • Double bowl Stainless steel sink for little utensils supplied with hot and cold water.
  • Stainless steel racks for drying and maintenance utensils.
  • Stainless steel hand wash basin supplied with hot and cold water, liquid soap as well as tissue papers.
  • Provide a scale if compulsory

Registration and Licensing Option for this type of business

You can acquire a catering license in Ajman either in the free zones or in main land. You can obtain commercial license for setting up a business in main land; That is through DED where 51% of share will hold a UAE local sponsor.

Due to such condition, a lot of expat like to go for free zone license instead of main land; where they can get 100% of ownership of the company. But there are few restrictions in free zones also e.g. Your catering in free zone will stay in the area of free zone; and taking your services in main land will rate you pay tax. Apart from that, there are a small number of free zones (like Ajman Free Zone Authority or AFZA); which put catering under service license in that you can only setup as a branch of an already recognize company.

You will also need a permit from the food control department; only after that a food stuff business can be form in UAE. To obtain such document, you will have to submit documents together with employee health cards; letter of no objection, trade license copies; health as well as safety certifications and a lab test reports.