Company formation in Dubai airport free zone

Last updated on January 1, 2022

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DAFZA company formation

The Dubai Airport Free zone Authority briefly known as DAFZA free zone; is an organize governing body working in Dubai Airport free zone; which is to facilitate international customers to start their business in Airport area. Dubai airport free zone authority was recognized in 1996; that is to deals with import and export trade services. Dubai airport free zone authority provides trade license as well as visas to international clients; who want a company formation in Dubai airport free zone.

All expat looking for company formation in UAE require to at least exploring the idea of setting up in a free zone. The profits are real: 0% corporate as well as personal tax, 100% company ownership; also you can do 100% repatriation of your capital along with profits; no currency constraints and 100% import and ass well as export tax exemption. So it is very much clear that; why many of those which do some searching for the possibility of business setup; but wind up taking the plunge and setup their own free zone business.

But while several free zones offer these benefits; each and every one offers its own specific advantages that differ a little from others in the region. So today, we are going to weight the outstanding benefits of DAFZA free zone.

DAFZA company formation

It is situated in a walking distance from Dubai Airport; DAFZA company formation offers all the profits for company setup in Dubai; that you would expect of a UAE free zone; along with complete set up services as well as facilities; that is at reasonable rates for you for all size of project. DAFZA aims to offer tycoons with the perfect structure to allow them to run a fruitful business. It is among the most competitive as well as innovative free zone in the world; with over AED 100 bn (USD 27 bn) of trade; accounting for just under 10% of Dubai total non oil external trade. And it continue to accomplish strongly in 2016, with net profit progress of 16%; and a 44% increase in the total lease able area of multinational companies in the free zone.

Company formation in Dubai airport free zone

Dubai airport free zone authority provide a base to the clients; that to do business with 100% ownership. The process of company formation in Dubai airport free zone is very similar to DIFC company formation as well as DMCC company formation is very much easy; and quick as it need a very less paper work; and 100% tax exemption as well as 100% foreign owner ship.

Investors from all over the globe will obtain the benefits of dynamic growth for their companies; through the free trade zone’s excellent tax as well as investment incentives.

Location of Dubai airport free zone

Dubai airport free zone is very much near to Dubai International Airport; which is the heart of the Dubai. It is very near to D3 free zone; Dubai Airport free zone offers incomparable access to 24 hour logistics services; world class facilities as well as a very good infrastructure. Dubai airport free zone also offers direct access to a number of government services; that is Immigration, Customs and the Chamber of Commerce. Dubai airport free zone support to stream line red tape procedures; and also provide clear processes as well as guide lines at large.

Type of Company formation in Dubai airport free zone

DAFZA free zone provides only two major type of company formation in Dubai airport free zone; to its customer to operate in the region. Each and every type offers different options and advantages equivalent to your business need.

Free zone Establishment (FZE)

This type of Dubai Free zone company formation has a minimum of 1 share holder and a maximum of 50. Share holder can be a single (an individual) or a company. A least share capital required for formation is AED 1000 and each share has a value of AED 1000/-

Branch Office of an existing company

Dubai airport free zone authority permits; that is foreign company to open a branch of its current company. No share capital is require for such kind of a company. This option is for branch setup in UAE

Type of License for DAFZA company formation

Till this stage we explain very much of thing about DAFZA company formation. That is, what is a DAFZA company formation; what the profits of a DAFZA business formation are; why we require to business setup in DAFZA free zone? Now it is the time to say something about the license. So, companies plan to open their services at Dubai Airport Free zone; and take a Dubai airport free zone license; they need to select from the following types of licenses:

Trade License

Such type of a Trade license is issue to those; who want to import, export and distribution as well as storage of particular products.

Service License

This type of a license is issue; that is to those who want to do service as well as consultation.

Benefits of company formation in Dubai airport free zone

Following are the main benefits of company formation in Dubai airport free zone

  • 100% foreign owner ship.
  • No restriction on capital repatriation.
  • 0% import or re-export duties.
  • Also 0% corporate tax.
  • No currency restrictions as well as no personal income tax.
  • No restriction on foreign talent or employees as well as onsite Customs.

Documents Required for Company Formation in Dubai airport free zone

  • First of all in the first place; an application Form will be provide for this form.
  • Letter of Intent (summary of company profile at DAFZA)
  • Business plan is also one of the important documents for DAFZA company formation.
  • Profile of the company is also one of the main documents for DAFZA company formation.
  • Annual financial report or share holder(s) 6 months bank statement.
  • Copy of the manager’s passport and CV
  • Copy of shareholder(s) passport along with CV
  • Original (not a copy) bank reference letter of shareholders
  • NOC for manager. (if he is a resident of UAE and UAE employment visa holder)
  • NOC from Dubai authority.

Feature of Dubai airport free zone company formation

So, if you are sold on the idea of opening a business in one of the Dubai free zones; and are considering your choices; then here are six reasons why company formation in Dubai Airport Free zone should be the right choice for your.

Visa for company setup in Dubai Airport Free zone with a flexi desk

Many freelancers as well as solo entrepreneurs are drawn to DAFZA company formation; by its useful and cost effective flexi desk option; giving users flexible access to desk space along with other office services; such as conference room hire and reception cover on an ad hoc base. One of the various benefits of DAFZA company formation with flexi desk offering comes in the form of visa support. The Dubai Airport Free zone Authority will help you in attaining the correct visa; to be in position to form your company and work in Dubai; whenever you wish to make use of your desk space.

The DAFZA free zone will support you in finding the correct visa to make you able to form your company; and work in Dubai whenever you hope to make use of your desk space.

Easy company setup in Dubai Airport Free zone:

Dubai Airport Free zone prides itself on making business relaxed. And its rationalized business setup process surely does that. DAFZA company formation backs you strictly through each and every stage of the process; that is from selecting the nature of the business you need to run; and pick the suitable license, to fitting as well as furnishing your office. This guarantees that you will be up and running in the free zone in no time. 

Variety of business types available for company setup in Dubai Airport Free zone:

One of the major selling points of company formation in Dubai Airport Free zone is the wide range of allow activities that can be form there. Almost each and every activity as listed by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED); apart from general trading – are welcome. This includes media, health, cargo, transport, e-commerce as well as consultancy, to name just six. DAFZA is mainly popular with cargo and import / export businesses; and with those companies offering services to those industries, due to its close proximity to Dubai Airport.

Easy to sponsor staff and dependents:

It provide a world class business facilities; DAFZA free zone also allow you to apply for the dependent as well as staff visa; while setting up your company in this free trade zone. A DAFZA company formation allow you for all kind of visas; that is residence visa along with health care cards they need; as well as make sure that all the medical and other documents need for company staff is totally completed. Where family members are concerned, DAFZA also helps company owners; to get visas for all dependents that may require them.

Multiple shareholders allow in company formation in Dubai Airport Free zone:

company formation in Dubai Airport Free zone is not only known for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. As DAFZA registration permits for various shareholders, businesses of all sizes call it home. Shareholders can be persons or companies and all free zone business can register up to five. 

Location of company formation in Dubai Airport Free zone:

There is no doubt that it is situated in the heart of Dubai; which is the UAE’s business capital; the free zone is ideally located to do business with both East and West. It is no chance that Indian and German companies are among the most projecting investors in the free zone. The location for company formation in Dubai Airport Free zone is very ideal, because it is next to Dubai Airport free zone; which is ideally for all business that would help from highly integrated transport links; including import and export, distribution as well as storage businesses. 

Setting up your business in Dubai airport free zone

So you are sold on the assistance of your business setup in DAFZA – what next? There are a number of stages which need to be undertaken, some are complex while some are less so. The first thing to do is to choose your business activity. From there you will need to pick a name for your company; file your set up docs with the relevant authorities; open a bank account and apply for all visas that may be required.

However, the particulars of such a process will depend a lot on the nature of the license; which you are going to apply for; whether a trade license or a service license; and as well as the nature of business you are looking to run. That is why before taking any of the above mention steps; your first port of call should always be to a business setup consultants in Dubai; who will guide you through each and every part of the setup process; ultimately making sure the whole process requires little more than a few hours of your time.