Cheapest free zone in UAE

Last updated on December 3, 2021

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Cheapest free zone in UAE

We are advising clients for a quite some time on a variety of business structure. But majority of the time customers are asking to propose low cost business formation options; or cheapest free zone in UAE. But it is also not an amazing thing; that a large number of people are searching to decide the most realistic solution; as starting and operating a new business in a foreign state can be very expensive.

The answer to the question of the cheapest free zone in UAE; may be understandable for those who are the residence of UAE; but even then the selections of a cheapest freezone in Dubai need assistance and advice from business setup consultant. Because existing in Dubai and be familiar with about the business are two different things. And for those, who are looking to come to the UAE and to open a new company here; it might be very difficult to study the abundance of setup options that Dubai free zone is offering; and to choose one that suits your requirement. Today we will share with you in sequence on how to choose and discover the cheapest free zone in UAE.

How to select cheapest free zone in UAE

First of all in the first place; let us inline the major points which can assist you; to choose the best free trade zone for company set up in Dubai free zone. So these strategies are as under:

  • Site of the free trade zone
  • The organization of your business
  • Registration cost which free zone area offer
  • Also think License cost as well
  • Choosing a company package, that allows you for a less number of resident visas.
  • Renting a flexi-desk instead of a permanent office.
  • Choosing the free zone with lowest resident visa charges.

These are the major points that a person can follow; when searching for the cheapest company formation in UAE. But also note that the above mentioned points are not valid for all activities or in all cases; because every request has to be look on a case to case basis. Since we are not searching at a precise case, our direction will be more common in nature.

Facilities for cheapest company formation in UAE

Business offices provided by a Free Zone can be modified to suit your requirements or provided in ready to move conditions. Flexi desk office facilities are ideal solutions for those who are searching for a quick; and as well as a cost effective business set up; however cheapest company formation in UAE are restricted by visas requirements; that is for owners or managers or employee of the new entity.

A variety of warehouses appropriate for storage of goods, light manufacturing and assembly; obtainable for lease on a year-round or restricted time basis. Warehouses can be ready move in or can be customized to suit your requirements. Different plots of land chosen for industrial, logistic and service industry purposes are accessible for short or long lease conditions.

Resident visa charges in different free zones may to some extent differ; therefore, when working on decrease of your formation costs; you may search for a free zone, that has lowest fees for resident visa issuance.

Labor Accommodation can be provided by a Free Zone authority on unusual price and conditions.

Looking for cheapest company formation in UAE

How can cheapest company formation in UAE outside of Dubai assist to achieve the decrease goal in costs? First of all, the company license fee and company registration cost in free zones outside of Dubai; are lesser as compare to Dubai free zone. By starting a company there, you can save on license charges and registration fee; which can be then use for operational requirements.

Secondly, free zone outside of Dubai does not have necessary health insurance constraint; that is only a health card is compulsory for your employees.

Thirdly, most of free zone outside of Dubai does not need annual audit statements. As a result, company will have internal accounting but no additional costs on auditing services.

And last but not the least; a lot of free zones outside of Dubai do not need share capital into company’s bank account. At the starting it may be hard for a businessman to deposit an amount between AED 150 000 and AED 300 000; and also to transfer it from a foreign country. By choosing a free zone that does not requires share capital deposit; businessmen will also decrease their financial load.

As you may observe from above mention arguments; occasionally considering another emirate could be a more financially feasible option; than trying to discover the cheapest freezone in Dubai.

Choosing cheapest freezone in Dubai with a flexi desk

Rent of an office space in Dubai free zone is interconnected with a license and number of visas. The larger office space will permit the company to apply for more visas; and company will be able to hire more workers.

Flexi desk is the minimal option the company may choose to be able to obtain a business license. Simply in other words, it is not possible to acquire a license; that is, for your business without a flexi desk or rent an office space; and also note that flexi desk facility; that is a work station in a business hub for use of up to 16 hours a week. Flexi desk will permit you to find a quota of 2 to 3 employment visas for your company; and will cost you 3 times less than a normal office.

Therefore, if your plan is to choose cheapest freezone in Dubai to cut expenses; you must think through to rent a flexi desk facility. The more visas you need for your business, the larger your physical office will have to be in the future.

Benefits That All cheapest free zone in UAE Offer

  1. 100% confirm ownership of business
  2. 100% tax free (now 5% VAT is applied on a small number of free zones)
  3. Import and Export activities
  4. 3 years visas for investors, workers as well as family members
  5. Greater enlargement potential due to strategic location
  6. Well recognized transport network as well as road connectivity
  7. Also an affordable cost for high quality of work
  8. 100% repatriation of earnings as well as investments
  9. Also allow to open a bank account
  10. Warehouse facilities as well as virtual office facilities

Requirements for cheapest free zone in UAE

  1. Select the right free zone according to your necessities. Few of these cheapest free zone in UAE also hold up businesses on larger scale; while others are for precise types of business activities
  2. Different free zones have their own rules as well as regulations to open a business. thus number and type of necessary documents may also differ according to the nature  of business activity
  3. There is difference in share capital requirement of a variety of free zones. Few of these may not need any share capital to open a business in UAE while others involve minimum capital
  4. Trading between free zones as well as import and export activity is liberally allow without any tax or duty
  5. You will need to pay 5% duty on goods as well as services; if your business deals in Dubai mainland. So any business activity is only possible through a distributor or representative

What we do for selecting a cheapest free zone in UAE

  • Deliver strategic ideas on identifying the suitable free zone location for the customer
  • We arrange all incorporation documents for you to just sign and hand over to us.
  • Name approvals as well as other governmental approvals
  • We can also help you in Bank account opening
  • Act as your personal advisers for all business registration as well as continuity
  • Assistance in Audit reports as well as Book keeping
  • Viability and project reports for the new incorporation and also much more…

List of cheapest free zone in UAE

We have discussed a lot about the free trade zone; now let’s have a look at the list of cheapest free zone in UAE.

International free zone Authority (IFZA free zone)

IFZA free zone is one of the most cost effective free zone in the UAE. IFZA free zone offers a lot of cost effective solutions for starting up your company in the UAE.

It offers a wide range of up to date office solutions that match to global standards. This free zone has a warehouse capability that is built on the highest global logistics standards; but it also offers flexi desk as well as flexible rental option for you; to keep your operational cost at the lower side.

What are the types of Packages you can avail while opening a company in IFZA free zone?

Holding Company License = 9,500; Consultancy License = 11,500; Trading License = 13,500; General Trading License = 17,500 Yearly.

KIZAD (Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi)

Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi is one of the well emerging and cheapest free zone in UAE; which is located in Abu Dhabi. It offers a wide range of business option along with plenty of setup option for all kind of business. The easy access to several mode of shipping; like road, air as well as sea is the unique advantages of KIZAD.

KIZAD offers a several option for all kind of businesses. It is fit for different business activities; and they are providing their own advanced setup facilities; whether it is a small scale or a large scale business.

The unique rewards of KIZAD are wide in size; a world class structure, a free trade zone, and non-free trade zone option; also a tax free environment with a low cost operating; and strategic location with access to local and global markets. These add a value to make KIZAD one of the world top free zone. Along with all these numbers of services that KIZAD is offering; it is also one of the cheapest free zone in UAE.

What are the types of Packages you can avail while opening a company in KIZAD?

  • License cost for 1 visa package AED 11,000/-
  • A license cost for 2 visa package AED 13,000/-
  • A license cost for 3 visa package AED 15,000/-
  • License cost for 4 visa package AED 17,000/-

Ras Al Khaimah economic free zone (RAKEZ)

RAK free zone offers easy as well as fast business setup option for the investors. There are more than 15000 businesses from 100+ countries register in RAK free zone. RAKEZ has 5 free trade zone parks that are tailor made for business setup. RAK free zone is also a cost effective free trade zone with a customizable option for RAK free zone business setup.  RAK free zone offers cost effective business setup packages; modern facilities, and first class services. It has the state of the art infrastructure and hi-tech option for industrial growth.

RAK free zone has provision for free zone as well as non-free zone company formation. It offers a wide range of industrial facilities. The easy access to international markets through the sea ports as well as air ports of the UAE; which make RAK free zone a favorite target for investors.

What the different kind of packages RAKEZ (Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone) can offer?

  • Zero visa packages AED 11,440/-
  • One visa packages AED 15,868/-
  • Two visa packages AED 19,628/-
  • General trading License from AED 17,040/- 

Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone (UAQ FTZ)

The Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone (UAQ FTZ) is a perfect choice; for start-ups SME and freelancer for setting up the offices. It is very close to Dubai; so use the air ports of Dubai for the transport. The Umm Al Quwain free zone company formation is one of the best choices among the expat. It is operating as an autonomous free zone since its launch in 2014. Due to its low cost of setup and low running costs; Umm al Quwain free zone is expected to have a rapid adoption in the coming years.

Commercial License (2 Visa Package) – 20,500 AED Yearly [The package amount will vary in actual]

Ajman Media City Free Zone

Ajman media free zone is a UAE base free zone which is one of the newly establish; and fastest growing free zone in the UAE. It is place in the city of Ajman. It has been setup with a goal to create a reliable; musical and a professional environment for businesses and individuals alike.

We can support you to start your project with Ajman Media city free zone; with the lowest cost as it is one of the cheapest free zones in UAE.

What are the Offers in Ajman Media City Free Zone?

  • SMI Packages (Social Media Influencer) for AED 2,500/-
  • Business club packages AED 8,500/-
  • Bronze package AED 11,500/-
  • Silver Package AED 14,500/-
  • Silver Plus package AED 17,500/-
  • Gold Package AED 25,500/-