Cafeteria license in Dubai | How to open a cafeteria in UAE

Last updated on December 7, 2021

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Cafeteria license in Dubai

There are a lot of investors who desire to start their own small cafeteria license in Dubai. But as we are familiar with that there are a few vital steps; that you require to follow when opening any business. You have to plan each and every step in advance; and allot a suitable budget in advance of every single step. The majority of the licenses in Dubai have the same procedure and same instruction; but a few license required additional steps and further approval from different authority; cafeteria license in Dubai is one of them that requires extra approval. So you require planning all the steps and approval in advance for cafeteria license in Dubai.

One of the businesses offer low development period or simply the best revenue producer post project completion is cafeteria. The cause being, it caters to one of the basic requirements of humans; food. Entrepreneurs around the world are paying attention to this commercial enterprise for its ‘speedy returns’ factor. However, the laws to start the same vary from country to country. UAE in general and Dubai in particular also has its own set policy and regulations.

Cafeteria license in Dubai

If you have understanding in cafeteria business or in a coffee shop business; and you want to form a cafeteria license then you are on a right position. In this answer we will discuss the rules and bylaw of cafeteria license in Dubai. Starting a small cafeteria license Dubai or coffee shop is not only on the subject of enthusiasm and having fun. It requires additional information and skills; and appropriate consultation that you will acquire from our expert team of professional.

The setup of cafeteria license in Dubai can be amazingly smooth; if you opt for the services of business setup firms like Us.

How to open a cafeteria in UAE?

At the very beginning one has to know that Dubai has devised a system; called ‘Food Code’ for diverse categories of food businesses. Cafeterias, cafeterias as well as cafes belong to an assured category and therefore reproduce a particular food code. Some of the other food businesses that require such category system are mentioned below.

  • Cafeterias built within supermarkets, grocery stores or malls.
  • Mobile food providers / Kiosk vendors.
  • Food business within educational institutions and hospitals.
  • Bakeries and confectioners.

So, who regulates the food code? The answer is Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality.

It is DM’s responsibility to ensure the new business enterprise adheres to the specific rules. To open a cafeteria in UAE or Dubai the entrepreneur wants to decide; on the kind of the food business this entity intends to form and get a relevant food code.  The next step is to acquire a trade license.

So, how to initiate this step, and from where to start how to open a cafeteria in uae?

cafeteria license in Dubai is obtained from side to side the Department of Economic Development (DED). As mentioned above the entrepreneur also wants to narrow down the category of food combined because the license mentions the relevant code. To open a cafeteria in uae this step is compulsory. Therefore, it is recommended to fine tune the aspirations and not rush into many food codes.

Dos for cafeteria license in Dubai

  • If you have an area in mind for your food business, ensure that you do your research first by searching at footfall and demographics to make sure there is the target audience to serve.
  • Do prepare a business plan with complete financial forecasts ahead of committing any expenditure.
  • Prepare a complete marketing plan and utilize delivery channel providers; such as Deliveroo and Zomato. These online platforms could put in an extra 40 percent on your sales each month.
  • Do make sure you have your cafeteria food offering; and menu recognized earlier than you make all equipment purchases. We have seen people who purchase kitchen equipment; before they decide on their food menu; which  leads to vast amounts of loss.
  • Do prepare a complete milestone analysis as part of a fully rounded project management plan.
  • Do cost out your menu completely so that you can set up a pricing policy which covers your fixed overheads. Menu cards must be prepared with the precise ingredients and costing.
  • Do check the power supplies of your cafeteria equipment and make sure the cafeteria license in Dubai; you prefer can support these.
  • Do connect a specialist of cafeteria license in Dubai; so that to help you with your financial forecasting and monthly reporting.
  • Do prepare an entirely and comprehensive contestant analysis in order to understand their pricing and product offerings.
  • Do check the permissions and NOC’s necessary from your landlord.

Obtaining the food license for How to open a cafeteria in uae

In order to officially start a cafeteria in the Emirate one must consider the food license; that is approved in accordance with the rules and regulations of the DED. Please keep this in mind that if you choose to setup it in inside the cities or outside of malls; or other centers in the Emirates, you will require obtaining the Planning Department approval for this.

Do not do the following for cafeteria license in Dubai

  • Do not try to start a cafeteria on your own; that is if you do not have any cafeteria The greater part of cafeteria ventures that fail in Dubai are down to owners trying to do the whole thing themselves with no prior knowledge of the F&B sector or Dubai.
  • Do not select the first unit which a real estate broker offers you. Many landlords will only offer a few months’ refinement period on the rent; and delays obtaining permissions could eat into your working capital.
  • Do not over approximation your first year’s sales.  Be realistic with your financial forecasting to avoid under capitalizing your cafeteria
  • Don’t overcharge your menu offerings. With so much choice for the customer in Dubai, getting your pricing right is essential to business success.

General food safety standards for cafeteria in UAE

The UAE Food Code was introduce back in 2013; that is with the purpose of serving cafeteria or food business owners; so that to consider the central rules and regulations concerning the food safety. In other words, the general food safety standards in the UAE; pass on to the health protection of the clients and the safety environment; all cafeterias must provide once the documentation in this connection is approved. Countries around the world adopted the same standards and the Emirates make no exception. Besides that, it is fine to know that entrepreneurs who are looking for How to open a cafeteria in uae; require obtaining the trade license, in order to appropriately function on the market. Please remember that our consultant in Dubai can offer you with legal direction; when drafting the documents for the licenses required.

Overseas investors who desire to set up their business in the UAE; can check for the opportunities in the food industry. This type of business can be a suitable investment as well as an appropriate source of money; as the tourism business in UAE has develop in a quick manner in the past years. For official advice on How to open a cafeteria in uae; and for a better understanding of the rules in this connection; we suggest you to talk to our consultant in Dubai. It is good to recognize that an overseas investor can have 100% ownership; that is of the cafeteria in the free trade zones in the UAE.