How to open a shisha cafe in Dubai

Last updated on December 17, 2021

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How to open a shisha cafe in Dubai

If you are searching to invest in the business of cafe in UAE; or you searching for How to get shisha license in Dubai; then you should know that the Dubai municipality has set a series of rules as well as regulations; that each and every applicant has to confirm to get shisha license in Dubai. If you are planning How to get shisha license in Dubai in your restaurant; you should adhere to the precise process in order to keep away from the cancellation of your application. These rules fall under Federal Law No. (15) Of 2009 on Tobacco Control. In this post we will assist you on How to open a shisha cafe in Dubai.

How to open a shisha cafe in Dubai

The first step to open a shisha cafe in Dubai; is to take the initial approval  for Shisha Permit Service request as well as trade name reservation; also sign an agreements at Notary public Dubai; and lastly attested tenancy contract of the premises and approval from Dubai Municipality. To submit all these papers, passport photo copy of the partners are compulsory. Final approval for How to open a shisha cafe in Dubai will be signed by Dubai Municipality; who will check the premises and will further educate you about the shisha lounge; as to continue a functional journey with adherence to the set rules to stay away from a future licensing crackdown.

To understand How to open a shisha cafe in Dubai a handful of papers are requires for the procedure; which make sure Shisha permission in Dubai. Here are the documents and instructions required in a look:

The documentation will include location plan, design and engineering plan; electrical, plumbing, lighting systems and ventilation system details; as well as all the details requires for Dubai municipality shisha license.

Guidelines for How to get shisha license in Dubai

Here are some of the specific rules and regulations introduce for Dubai municipality shisha license. The applicants must also have sound information about these guidelines:

  1. The first step for How to get shisha license in Dubai; is that it should be in a commercial building on the main road; and facility owner have to provide a NOC to serve shisha on the premises.
  2. Interior area should not be less than 200 square meters; and the cafe bar have to be around 150 square meters.
  3. The minimum distance between Shisha cafe and nearby building apartments and buildings should be 150 meters.
  4. The minimum distance between your Shisha facility and between neighboring schools; as well as nurseries should be 150 meters; while the distance to mosques as well as other worship places must be 150 meters.
  5. Cafe interface should face the main street and have a suitable ventilation system. The authorities have to approve the main road.
  6. The Shisha facilities have to include a separate outdoor entrance in the basic design of the building; and the service area must be isolated from the rest of the building.
  7. The Shisha bar must be the building main entrance by at least 7.5 meters
  8. The last point for How to get shisha license in Dubai; is that it offering shisha should make sure inclusion of at least 3 non-smoking rooms; as well as Shisha rooms are separate from non-smoking areas; with a minimum ceiling height of 3 meters.

How to open a shisha cafe in Dubai

If you have all the documents and full fill the requirements for the Dubai municipality shisha license; only then your application will result in a fruitful way. Hence, to acquire professional guidance and keep away from application cancellation in all phases; get in touch with one of our qualified consultants for a thorough consultation and proper plan; that will cover you from strategic space planning for Shisha bar to documentation; inspection as well as successful accomplishment of Shisha certificate.

Restaurant license in Dubai

Requirements for How to get shisha license in Dubai

  • The business activity on the Dubai municipality shisha license should be either a restaurant or a coffee shop.
  • The chosen indoor smoking area must be separated from all non-smoking areas by walls from floor to ceiling. Ceiling height should not be less than 9 Ft.
  • The whole area of the Unit must be a minimum of 1500 Sq. Ft (not including the common areas that include, but are not limited to hand washing facilities as well as toilets).
  • The entire kitchen area must be a minimum of 500 Sq. Ft (without the common areas that include, but are not limited to, hand washing facilities and toilets). The storage area must occupy a minimum of 25% of the kitchen area.
  • The smoking area (that is shisha preparation and storage as well as serving areas); must not be larger than 50% of the entire indoor dining area. Occupant density must not be more than 20 Sq. Ft/ person.
  • The total dining area (including the designated smoking as well as designated non-smoking areas); must be a minimum of 1000 Sq. Ft (excluding the common areas that include, but are not incomplete to, hand washing facilities as well as toilets).
  • The smoking area must not include any service or facility that may be necessary for use by non-smoking customers; such as the waiting area, elevator, lobby, toilet room; and kitchen as well as any telephone space or area allocated for entertainment or gaming.

How to open a shisha cafe in Dubai

  • you need a separate approval for any live entertainment as per Dubai rule.
  • Clear signs shall be posted at all entrances clearly displaying the area; that has been allocated for smokers as well as for non-smokers. A prescribed form of notice is accessible free of charge from DM.
  • The smoking area shall not be use as an access route; which non smoking customer may have to use in order to have access to another area.
  • All doors must automatically close and will remain close at all times; except during the point of entrance and exit to the person.
  • Include a self closing door(s) for all indoor smoking area; if the door remains open for more than 60 seconds then there must be an alarm system.
  • The cleaning as well as preparation of shisha space shall not be less than 50 Sq. /Ft. The space should be separate from the area in which food and drinks are being prepare. The methods and conditions of cleaning shisha equipment should be in line with the requirements; that is set by DM Public Health as well as safety Department.

More rules for Dubai municipality shisha license

  • The provision of a table for preparing shisha; that is to be made of rust proof material (e.g. stainless steel).
  • The provision of an area specified for washing shisha equipment.
  • The smoking area should be separate from the area in that shisha are prepare.
  • Disposable type mouth pieces only shall be use.
  • Separate lavatories must be provide for both men as well as women.
  • All staff/employees must have valid vocational health cards as required by Local Order (61) of 1991.
  • Fire extinguishers specific to the kind of fire are to be place in clearly mark area.
  • A first aid kit shall be place with a train first aider present within the Unit at all times.
  • Charcoal shall be store in a safe place that is in a fire proof container; and also a warning sign shall be place on the container.
  • Floors should not be cover with flammable materials; or also do not use such a materials which are difficult to clean.
  • Emergency exits and signage should be at all times being present within the unit as per Dubai Civil Defense necessities.
  • The Unit must not cause any inconvenience to its neighboring as well as adjacent buildings.
  • In a cafeteria license in Dubai the side of the cabins should not be close from three or more side.