Management consultancy license in Dubai

Last updated on July 13, 2022

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Management consultancy license in Dubai

Management consultancy license in Dubai allow a firm to offer their support in the field of management. The performance of management consultancy firm in Dubai is to work with customers and assist them in their management field; and the effort will be broadly with determined business leaders; so that to transfer their companies into sharper, smarter and improved versions. If you are going to open management consultancy license in Dubai; then your customer will be solid just like government institutions; family own business, small and medium size companies; as well as local and international group of companies situated in MENA, largely in the UAE.

In order to achieve the goal the main focus of this type of a license; is to assist the management teams of the other organization to generate such high levels of financial value for them; so that to conquer their troubles in the organization. And nearly all important they redefine their policies through a suitable analysis. They always focus on fact and figure, not on only view. They begin to define the right question; then excavate deep into the numbers, and on the basis of that they offer the solution. A management consultancy firm in Dubai knows that serving an organization; to modify their structure need more than just a recommendation; It is not an easy task that they try to put themselves in the customers shoes; so that to focus on realistic actions.

Detail of Management consultancy license in Dubai

  • Name : Management Consultancy
  • Activity Code : 741405
  • Activity Group : Consultancy -D- management, information as well as marketing
  • License Type : Professional

Activity Description: Such type of a license are permit to give administrative consultancy; it agree to study the organizations to assist them so that to get better their performance; through the study of existing organizational problems; and also permit to extend a business plan for the development of performance of the firm. It also tolerate for procedural engineering, laying out flow charts and interrelated documents circulation as well as internal policy development. A management consultancy license in Dubai is also permissible to reorganize an organization; and also build up a strategic plan for them. It also permits for updating the work procedures of a firm; as well as scheming a balance score cards for them.

But keep in view that management of a company set up in UAE is not let to perform a field surveys and questionnaire before receiving approval from the competent authority. A Bsc degree is compulsory in Business or in an Economics; along with three years hands on knowledge.

Activity of Dubai management consultancy license

You can carry out the following major activities through Dubai management consultancy license.

Market Assessment activity of Dubai management consultancy license

Market assessment is a significant task for several large, small as well as new companies. For all business appraisal of a complex markets can be a creepy job. Because it needs a strong local knowledge, as well as a broad range in-house knowledge base; and a verified technique to support the market. Only who has familiarity with Dubai management consultancy firm can perform that and that’s why they become useful in such circumstances.

Through Dubai management consultancy license you can work directly with the customers management team; so that to evaluates consumer objectives, skills, assets, strengths as well as weaknesses; and make out global as well as economic trends, an industry structure, a regulatory environment; technology trends, a spirited dynamics as well as suggestions for the customer. The final result will be a road map for entering the market; or attractive infiltration in the market including recommended modes of entry; like import, entirely owned venture, bond manufacture, joint venture as well as acquisition

Balance score card

The strategy development as well as implementation is always base on using the balanced score card (BSC) frame work. Internationally, less than 10% of strategies are successfully implemented. The challenge the majority of the firm are facing is to have a healthy as well as balanced strategic management system. The BSC operationalizes the dream and builds a system of allied goals; also targets, and creativeness to assist firm fruitfully implement their strategy. The score card can be decline into business at operational levels to produce an Enterprise Performance Management System. This is another specialist area where a management consultancy firm can facilitate his clients.

Strategy Formation

In vision of the main global market probability as well as challenges, the majority of the companies are looking for to become “strategy focus organizations”. The most vital point for them is not to have the ‘best strategy’ but in real strategy that can be functional as well as executed productively.

A Dubai management consultancy license holder can assist in strategy formation. They help the customers locally as well as internationally to develop a strategy for them. They build up a complete strategy which covers all four serious regions; that is a financial strategy which meets the owner prediction. A client service strategy which helps achieve the economic goals; also an internal process strategy which confirms that client’s prediction are met; and a business strategy that make sure the organization shines in key procedures and in the delivery of the in general strategy.

Human Capital service of management consultancy license in Dubai

Human Capital service is another vital service of management consultancy license in Dubai. They counsel the clients on human resources change at all stages of their business. Choose key areas in that they offer assistance are; HR strategy for human resource so that to focus on achieving business goals. Also give enterprise design as well as Employee appointment.

Business Process Innovation

This is another essential area where a management consultancy license holder can help out the customer. SMEs are now finding it more and tougher to develop profitability process or boost clients alone. Companies are putting plenty of attempts to develop their performance as well as process; but they get that it takes too long; with very less success. Thus, several turn to management consultancy firm in Dubai to improve their productivity by refining their working capability and please their client experience. And why not so; because only management consultancy firm in Dubai be familiar with how to innovate the business processes; and develop the performance of the organization.

Service Excellence activity of Dubai management consultancy license

Worldwide data shows that 50% of clients are lost by companies in 5 years. Holding a money making customer and discovery of new ones is the heart of all positive business strategy today. With a majority of competitive market; customer also demand more modified and high service levels. It is very easy math Client and services are directly relying on each other. If you are going to start a management consultancy license in Dubai; then you have to focus on such activity as well. The majority of the firm is run for the professional to facilitate them in growing their services level. A management consultancy license in Dubai can carry out the following major tasks to develop the performance of a customer.

  • Customer segmentation
  • Strategy Deployment Road map
  • Customer contact analysis
  • Technology assessment
  • Customer Service Strategy Map
  • Assessment of current customer service levels
  • Best Practice bench marking using exclusive bench marking approach
  • Development of a new Customer Service Strategy