Travel agency license in Dubai

Last updated on January 13, 2022

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Travel agency license in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best day tripper place in the globe. Indeed it is among the top 10 for visit and tourism. After all, there are perfect settings for a resort trip; stable promising climate, blue beach; historic architectural memorials as well as wonderful modern buildings. At this stage let me put in one more things that are the most central aspect of growing of Dubai; that is, the government of the UAE makes enormous efforts for the development of the travel and tourism; as well as in entertainment industry. So, all these factors provide an additional value to Dubai; and so make it a very gorgeous for the travel agency license in Dubai; running of the tourist business.

Dubai is one of the world’s most beautiful places on earth; it attracts more than 12 million visitors in anticipation of 2016. Tourism license Dubai or travel agency license in Dubai; has a high demand in the market; because of commercial location, the patience of the local population; and because of very competent personnel make Dubai the ideal place to start a travel agency in Dubai.

Travel agency License in Dubai Registration as well as set up process

  • Name Reservation (give 5 name base on priority in which we will keep the one available )
  • Initial Approval
  • MOA  Drafting
  • MOA agreement notarizing at Dubai public notary (Local sponsor in Dubai & Investor or their authorized signatories should be present) It will take couple of hours or less.
  • Office Lease agreement (Ejari) to be given by investor emailed to us (copy) renting an office.
  • Getting DEWA link for utilities (water as well as electricity )

Travel agency license in Dubai as an Inbound Tour Operator

Such type of license allows a firm to organize of the inbound tourist trips. It will allow you to services in the field of tourism within the country; It also include to organize international conferences and as well as exhibitions. For such type of travel agency license in Dubai; Now there is no bank security for this kind of license. Also have to an insurance policy for covering the risks that may meet tourism programs. The validity of the policy shall cover the total tenure of the license; and will cease one month following the license expiry date.

License Type: Tourism license in Dubai
Activity Code: 630412
Activity Description:  This type of a travel agency license in Dubai will permit a firm to organize local motivation tours; as well as tours for obverses to attend conferences and events; it involves handling visas, transport as well as residence.

Open a travel agency as an Outbound Tour Operator

This type of travel agency license in Dubai allows a firm to organize the out bound trips. So it will allow you to operate in the field of tourism within the country; as well as outside of the country; it also includes organizing international conferences as well as exhibitions. Insurance policy for covering the risks that may meet tourism programs. The validity of the insurance shall cover the whole tenure of the license; and will expire after the one month of the license expiry date.  Now there is no bank security for this kind of license.

Activity Code 630411
License Type: Tourism license in Dubai
Activity Description: Includes firms that arrange and sell tourist programs abroad via travels and tourism agents.

Open a travel agency license in Dubai as a Travel agent

In the first place such type of travel agency in Dubai; the Agents perform selling of the air tickets outside the country; offer visa support to his clients. Also offer tourist accommodation to his customers, and arrange guided tours; as well as transport services to his customers. It approximately take the same type of requirements as that are for other two type mention above; with adding that the agent should provide an NOC; that is on behalf of the Department of civil aviation of the Emirate. To acquire NOC, you need to submit a request letter in Arabic; that is in the name of the local sponsor along with the pass port copy of the local; and family book copy with fees at Dh 5425.

Bank Guarantee: Now there is no bank security for this kind of license.

Activity Code 630402
License Type: Tourism license in Dubai
Activity Description: this type of a travel agency license in Dubai is utilized for selling air tickets to individuals; as well as to companies on behalf of the official agents. Also the role of these offices is limited to seats reservation; issuing tickets in co-ordination with the agent; as well as perform hotel booking and car rental related services.

Document checklist for Tourism license in Dubai

  • Approval fee
  • Mandatory insurance policies to cover each and every activity
  • Lease contract (should be at least 3 months duration) of the office location. An office should have 30 meters space for each activity.
  • Clearance certificate from Dubai police
  • Relevant work experience certificates
  • Request approval of agency’s trade name

Key note for Tourism license in Dubai

  1. Set up funds: When you are trying to raise funds through a bank; it is also vital to find a bank which best suits your need.
  2. Business case complete with cost benefit study. Your business case should factor in the speedily advancing Dubai economic environment, manpower and infrastructure costs.
  3. Services bouquet: You ought to know the travel area that you want to focus on; like family travel and corporate tours as well as adventure travel.
  4. Knowledge of Local Governmental policies on Tours and travel business formation. It is essential to understand the Dubai commercial laws before you get started.
  5. Insurance of all business activities to stay protected from unexpected risks.
  6. Subject matter: Knowledge of booking of airline as well as cruise tickets and hotel rooms is must. Other unplanned requirements like visa arrangements and transportation or any guest-specific requirements like food or medical etc.
  7. Building a network in the Dubai tourism market in order to grow tour business.
  8. Engaging with customers: you need to create a good online presence; for this purpose you need a responsive web site; and also start to built you brand on social media; create a strong SEO strategy for your web site as well as promote your brand actively.

Most travel companies set up in Dubai are the LLC. It means that expat can own up to 49% of shares; while 51% ought to be brought up a local sponsor.

Tourism license in Dubai is flourishing and a business set up in Dubai is a gifted opportunity.

Due to various formalities of the setup process with the tourism department; business set up may not always be stress free as well as seamless.

Travel agency license cost in Dubai

Description Frequency USD AED
Department of Economic Development License fee + 5% of annual office / shop rent Annual  3268 10,000 to 12000
Corporate Sponsor or Local Service Agent fee Annual 2725 10,000
Registration Fee One time 1361 5000
Local Service Agent Agreement drafting, translation as well as notarizing One time 408 1500
Total 7220 26500

Important Notes for travel agency license in Dubai

Investor / Partner Visa This is not an obligatory to get visa for your travel agency; but if you want to apply for one then you are allow to obtain visa. For example if you do not want an investor or a partner visa; or your already have one then do not mark the check box for such service.

Dependents residence visa wife, son, daughter

As an investor or a partner you are allow to apply residence visa for your family; that is husband, wife and children; you will see requirements as well as process of such services during the set up process. You can gain this service only after you get your travel agency license in Dubai; and also after your visa is stamp on your pass port.

Instant License: All those main land License which do not requires to obtain extra approvals; are called instant license; such type of a license do not requires to rent a physical office in Dubai; for opening year by paying AED 10,000 to Dubai Economy. You will be eligible to obtain your investor visa; and you can sponsor your family under your sponsorship as well as two employment visas; Instant License are the one which is issue in 24 hours.

Final Payment Voucher Fees depend on the business activity as well as cost of your yearly lease; (5% of your office yearly rent will be add in the final voucher).