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Establishing a holding company in Dubai

Now a day’s Most of the businessmen are looking for the top opportunities; that they can find out to launch their business. During last few years, Dubai has been shifting its scope of work from oil based economy to economy based on service; and as a outcome you will discoverRead More

Interior design license Dubai

With the rising GCC economy; there will be sufficient opportunities for interior design license Dubai in main land market. Further thus, because educated people understand about design; and also know what interior designers do as well as what is the role of architects. If you are searching to start upRead More

Consultancy license in Dubai

Consultancy license in Dubai is a type of a professional license; in this type of a license an expat partner are allow to get 100% ownership. To set up this type of a firm you require to appoint company set up firm in Dubai; who will manage the applications andRead More

How to start a maintenance company in Dubai

There are some procedures going for how to start a maintenance company in Dubai. This is why it is very essential that you should have business opening consultants with you. That will presents to you the information that you require in this setup. These consultants or advisers will answer allRead More

Opening a general trading company in Dubai

Now a day Dubai is a hub for business as well as tourism; Dubai in the earlier period was generally known as a trading place for business due to its strategic position. Now, Dubai has changed a great deal with the opening a general trading company in Dubai; and aRead More

Management consultancy license in Dubai

Management consultancy license in Dubai allow a firm to offer their support in the field of management. The performance of management consultancy firm in Dubai is to work with customers and assist them in their management field; and the effort will be broadly with determined business leaders; so that toRead More

Engineering consultancy license in Dubai

As the biggest Construction event in the Middle East; like The Big 5 attracts a lot of expat to form a company in this area. Often these expat are new to the this part of the world; and are searching for how to form an engineering consultancy company in theRead More

RAK general trading license

RAK is a center for trader from all over the globe. Trading and finance are the two key business activities; which the majority of the people searching for when thinking for start.  A general trading license in RAK is the part of trading activity. And it allows the holder to tradeRead More

Travel agency license in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best day tripper place in the globe. Indeed it is among the top 10 for visit and tourism. After all, there are perfect settings for a resort trip; stable promising climate, blue beach; historic architectural memorials as well as wonderful modern buildings. At this stageRead More

Professional license in Dubai

A professional license in Dubai is a firm whose performance are get from the intellectual efforts; as well as capacity of the partners. For example, a law firm is a specialized company; since their activities depend on the academic qualifications as well as the understanding of its lawyers. To makeRead More

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