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Open new company in Dubai

It is one of the highest increasing economies in the world; Dubai is the ideal place for expats searching to move on in their careers. The incomparable opportunity to raise one’s prospects together with the probable to earn well; is what draws nearly all of the expats to Dubai inRead More

Company Formation in Sharjah

With a most important location in the Middle East, affordable real estate, business-friendly laws, and new infrastructure &facilities, Sharjah is the desired destination for business owners. Sharjah is a hub to a great number of companies in the UAE; and numbers of businesses have set up here from scratch; orRead More

Food Truck License Dubai

Dubai is a place full of superb and lovely sites, gorgeous beaches; gigantic buildings and the most gastronomical food. The Middle East is well-known for two things: oil and food. The new trend regarding the food industry in Dubai is the idea of ‘food trucks’. The entire idea of openingRead More

Maintenance license in UAE

If you want to have a Maintenance license in UAE; there are a number of check list that you must keep in mind for doing it in UAE. You need to have at least 2 partners and also maximum of 50 for one company; if you want to start aRead More

Cafeteria license in Sharjah

There are many investors who want to start their own small cafeteria license in Sharjah. To setup cafeteria there are a few important steps; which you need to follow properly. You need to design each and every step in advance; and also give a proper financial plan ahead of everyRead More

LLC company formation in Dubai

Opening a company is not an easy task in any part of the UAE. While the business site here in the UAE is certainly accepting various types of companies; but LLC company formation in Dubai is the most commonly use structure. To set up an LLC company can seem aRead More

Import export license UAE

Import export business in Dubai also has a wealthy maritime history. At start at the time as old as the 6th century, approximately the time of the foundation of Islam; Arab merchants would go in a conventional ship; and cover up a huge distances to trade spices from the very beginningRead More

Recruitment License in UAE

The amount of businesses in Dubai and in UAE is enhance every year; each month more than 1000 companies are establish in UAE; that open a door for new career vacancies for expat in these companies. That also increases the claim for setting up a recruitment license in UAE. ForRead More

General trading license in sharjah

Sharjah is fast developing as a cost effective alternate to Dubai; that is for setting up a company due to the presence of an International Airport; that make sure global air links and dual sea ports on the west as well as on east coasts; of the Arabian Gulf havingRead More

How to get real estate license in Dubai

How to get real estate license in Dubai Real estate Company set up in Dubai is one of the challenging businesses in the region. To register real estate Company in Dubai you have a large number of option; like real estate developers, real estate manufacture and a real estate brokers or agents;Read More