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Recruitment License in UAE

The amount of businesses in Dubai and in UAE is enhance every year; each month more than 1000 companies are establish in UAE; that open a door for new career vacancies for expat in these companies. That also increases the claim for setting up a recruitment license in UAE. ForRead More

General trading license in sharjah

Sharjah is fast developing as a cost effective alternate to Dubai; that is for setting up a company due to the presence of an International Airport; that make sure global air links and dual sea ports on the west as well as on east coasts; of the Arabian Gulf havingRead More

How to get real estate license in Dubai

How to get real estate license in Dubai Real estate Company set up in Dubai is one of the challenging businesses in the region. To register real estate Company in Dubai you have a large number of option; like real estate developers, real estate manufacture and a real estate brokers or agents;Read More

Rent a car business license in Dubai

Dubai is a perfect place for take a trip and tourism. A lot of tourists who visit Dubai and even some of the expat; who live in Dubai and have a working visa; It is observe that they are using rent a car in Dubai; as it is more realisticRead More

Starting a business in Sharjah

The UAE is full of competition and there are so many areas in UAE; which present possible profit to the people. Due to the massive transformation as well as expansion; the demands of the clients have been increasing; and the suppliers are for all time trying to cover up thatRead More

How to get daycare license in Dubai

Dubai is a place of opportunities; in which every opportunity open a door for another one. There are a huge numbers of expat in Dubai both for business or for employment; generally both husband and wife are working specialized; and inconsistency searching for someone to pay attention of their children.Read More

Food trading license in Dubai

Food trading license in Dubai are consider as one of the most important license in Dubai; and produce a good image of its growth and prosperity.You can certify your business In Dubai; in a Free Zone area or with the DED (Dubai Economic Department) directly. Both these ways have theirRead More

Dubai Mainland company setup

Mainland Dubai company formation is very famous for its business friendly measures and services. Dubai Mainland company setup is still the foremost choice for a large number of expat investor; when they are opening their business in Dubai. Business setup in Dubai Mainland is very confusing and time taking job; We are oneRead More

How to open a retail shop in Dubai

Dubai has bring new principles  and criteria to open a retail shop in Dubai; that is with the purpose of creating a standard criteria for to open a small shop in Dubai; and make them capable to look like reliable from inside as well as outside consecutively to comply internationalRead More

How to start a construction company in Dubai

Dubai is rightly famous for towers and other wonderful building projects. These high rise towers in Dubai carry out numerous functions for growth of several industries in the entire emirate. They not only solve problems of residence, business and accommodation; but also offer boost to tourism industry. Apart from apartmentRead More

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Consultancy License with 01 Visa = 16,500
Consultancy License with 03 Visa = 20,500
Consultancy License with 06 Visa = 25,000

Trading License with 01 Visa = 19,500
Trading License with 03 Visa = 23,500
Trading License with 06 Visa = 28,500

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