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Laundry business in Dubai

If you are looking to How to start a laundry business in Dubai; then you should know that it is the cleanest- dirty business in the globe; and the Dubai market is no omission. Being a rapid pace city, the working persons always prefer receiving such “dirty” job outsourced! SoRead More

Parking car wash license Dubai

How to start car wash business in Dubai? There is a number of parking car wash license in Dubai. They are quite different from each other in size as well as in their precise activity. There are cleaning companies specialized in house maid services and janitorial tasks or routine maintenance.Read More

Import Code Dubai

Import code Dubai is a registration of an import and export companies with Dubai Custom department; that import and export commodities from Dubai and into Dubai. When an import code is issue to a company then that company can exercise it throughout their life; but it need renewal after eachRead More

How to get a catering license in Dubai

Dubai is a place of tourism and also famous as the best trading center. People from all over the globe are coming for trading as well as for vacation; that led a high demand for food stuff industry; like restaurant, cafeteria, coffee shop and catering license in Dubai. If youRead More

Catering license in Ajman

If you love of cooking but short of money then the ideal business you can establish is catering. It will cost far less than forming a hotel and restaurant but provides huge profit. It doesn’t take a large amount of money and you can use your capability for profit thatRead More

How to start tourism company in Dubai

Today UAE is much admire tourist destination. After all, there are great conditions for a resort vacation; constant favorable climate, azure coast; very old architectural monuments and astonishing modern buildings. But the most significant aspect is that the government of the UAE makes substantial efforts; that is for the growthRead More

How to start a food business in Dubai

If you want to start a food business in Dubai; then you need to take care of the common hygiene requirement; DM Food Control Department set these rule with a full plan through an approve work office. A final approval should be obtain from food control department before opening theRead More

Food product registration in Dubai

UAE is a sea side desert area and its natural eatable products mostly contain of dates; marine diet and a small number of other foods stuff items available in such areas. But the majority of the UAE, particularly Dubai, has been transform into an international zone; and now food productsRead More

Grocery License in Dubai

Dubai presents operating environment for expat to run his business; which is among the most liberal as well as gorgeous in the Middle East region. Therefore, opening a small company in Dubai is a key to its future development. And business like grocery or a retail shop is the importantRead More

Local sponsor in Dubai

Doing business in Dubai is not a simple mission. To set up and manage a business in Dubai you require searching a local guarantor in Dubai. By law you are not permit to obtain a license without a local sponsor in Dubai. The rules and regulation of the gulf regionRead More

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